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9909985854?profile=RESIZE_400xDuring the first nine months of 2021, 40,000 people reported losing over $148 million in gift cards to scammers.  And we are only now entering the Christmas season.   According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), these are staggering numbers that have increased each year for the past several years.  Since 2018, gift cards have been the most frequently reported payment method for fraud.  According to the FTC, most gift card scams start with a phone call from someone impersonating a branch of t

9651443878?profile=RESIZE_400xFacebook has been having its share of problems.  From a global outage to a Whistleblower gone public with claims that Instagram causes youth-based psychological issues, the social media giant is now on the defensive.  US Congress is currently taking another, yet closer, look at oversight of social media platforms. 

Facebook and its Instagram and WhatsApp platforms are finally back in operation after a worldwide outage hit the services and the businesses and people who rely on its platforms.  Fac

9593302272?profile=RESIZE_400x“Oh Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?”  The FBI is warning the public that a massive spike of online romance scams this year caused many Americans to lose more than $113 million since the start of 2021.  The scammers behind this type of online fraud trend (also known as confidence fraud) which can lead to significant financial losses and devastating emotional scars use fake online identities to gain potential victims' trust on dating or social media platforms.

After the victims are lured in

8728826652?profile=RESIZE_400xA US Congressional Representative from the State of Washington recently reintroduced a bill that would create a nation-wide data privacy standard, to be enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), that in its latest version is intended to gather bipartisan support by addressing specific Republican concerns.  The Information Transparency and Personal Data Control Act, if passed, would replace a patchwork of current state laws and provide an influx of $350 million to the FTC’s budget to enforc