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12304372460?profile=RESIZE_400xWith an estimated damage of US$10.5 trillion annually from cyberattacks projected by 2025, a significant surge from 2015 levels, the demand for stronger cybersecurity methods has never been more pressing.  According to Geoff Schomburgk, the Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) at Yubico, a leading provider of phishing-resistant authentication hardware solutions, this escalating threat is prompting the need to steer away from traditional, insecure password mechanisms.  "Passwords,

11450940884?profile=RESIZE_400xA recent FBI report smishing attempts, which send text messages purporting to be from employees or company leadership to induce individuals to reveal personal information.  Actors conducting this scheme typically try to elicit financial information, personal identifiable information (PII), credentials, or details about a company and/or its employees.  The criminal threat actors in these instances are attempting to solicit and/or steal various types of information which could be used for financia