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12224327474?profile=RESIZE_400xMoving goods via rail remains one of the most popular modes of transportation.  In a typical year, US freight railroads move around 1.6 billion tons across nearly 140,000 miles of track.  US citizens traveled more than 12.5 billion kilometers by rail

11715992861?profile=RESIZE_400xNot every time there is a supply chain slowdown or stoppage, it is caused by criminal hackers.  The recent supply chain woes in Seattle and other maritime ports along the west coast of the US, is actually a worker’s slowdown.  The Port of Seattle shu

11117172085?profile=RESIZE_400xMost documented cyber-attacks against individual vessels have historically been executed by jamming and spoofing navigation signals.  Red Sky Alliance has been sharing Vessel Spoofing reports for many years now which highlight phishing emails.  So, w

11072890701?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Port of Antwerp has introduced a new security system that will see six autonomous drones perform daily flights in the port area, the result of a partnership between the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, DroneMatrix, SkeyDrone and Proximus.

The ‘D-Hive dron

11020374101?profile=RESIZE_400xIn a 22 June 2017 report, Red Sky Alliance reported on an analysis of vessel spoofing regarding twenty (20) ships near the Russian Black Sea coast.  The location of these ships indicated their GPS location, inland and in the area of the Russian Gelen