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Wapack Labs has been serving information security professionals for over eight years. We invite businesses and organizations, enterprise to small businesses to learn more about cyber threats and how to avoid them. We provide reports, indicators, references and training about targeted, advanced, and emerging cyber threats in our private portal.

Red Sky Alliance offers TLP White and Green cyber threat reporting for targeted industry segments, international reports and malware/bot analyses.

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Hackers Typosquat US Construction Companies

3752022765?profile=RESIZE_710xRed Sky Alliance information sharing portal provided data about a member falling for a business email compromise (BEC).  Attackers sent a payment request spoofing a well-known local contractor by changing TLD from .COM to .US.  In total, 113 additional domains were registered by the same actors in August-November 2019.


On 26 November 2019, a Red Sky…

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Red Sky Alliance has recently observed multiple Chinese, state sponsored, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups targeting Chinese-Muslim non-governmental organizations (NGOs).  Historically, Chinese APT groups have conducted specific cyber campaigns against these type organizations, traditionally with little or no overlap. 

The US Secretary of State (SECSTATE), Mike…

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By 12 November 2019, hacker Alexei Burkov was extradited from Israel to the US to face major credit card fraud charges.  Originally arrested in 2015 for his role in Cardplanet, his extradition was delayed several times as the Russian government was fighting against his extradition to the US. Israel subsequently received a competing extradition request from Russia. …

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3724012340?profile=RESIZE_710xChina Coverage of Report on the Cyber Vulnerabilities of Asian Ports


Nanyang Technological University in Singapore has just released a report examining the economic losses expected if Asian port systems, including several in China, were subjected to a major cyber-attack.  This report did not assess the cyber…

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