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Finished Analysis

Mikrotik Proxy Botnet

Mikrotik is a Latvian router and is popular hardware product in many countries. Beginning in 2018, attackers began exploiting vulnerabilities for Mikrotik routers, as well as attempting brute force attacks. As a result, compromised Mikrotik routers have since been leveraged in a host of botnet related activities and fraud. Many of the compromised Mikrotik devices were also made into SOCKS or HTTP proxies and were reported in a number anonymous proxy lists. In March of 2019, Wapack Labs…
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Shared through the Multi-State (MS)-ISAC: A vulnerability have been discovered in Google Chrome, which could result in arbitrary code execution.  Google Chrome is a web browser used to access the Internet.  This vulnerability can be exploited if a user visits, or is redirected to, a specially crafted web page.  Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code in the context of the browser.…

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How Big a Problem is Huawei ?

Huawei Technologies and its 5G network construction work around the world have created concern in many quarters.  The chief cause for this con cern is the perception that Huawei networks have a unique potential for exploitation by Chinese intelligence services.   

A Wapack Labs review to determine the scale of this problem showed that Huawei is in fact involved in 5G infrastructure development in many countries.  Germany, Ireland,…

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APT-C-36 / Blind Eagle and Colombia


APT-C-36 or Blind Eagle (BE) is an APT group that is believed to originate from South America.  BE has been carrying out attacks against Colombian government institutions, to include the financial sector, petroleum industry and professional manufacturing.  BE has been active since April 2018.  Affected targets include Ecopetrol (Colombian Oil Company), Banco Agrario (State Financial Institution) and IMSA (Colombian Wheel Manufacturer).  It…

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Cyber Intelligence Briefing

Cyber Intelligence Briefing
March 20, 2019 at 11:00AM to 12PM EDT
Wapack Labs is excited to introduce a NEW series of monthly cyber intelligence on-line briefings. Listen to top cyber professionals share threat intelligence that has the potential to transform your cyber security. 
Join our Webinar on Wednesday, March 20th at 11AM ET to hear Wapack analysts speak on several cyber topics. Hope you can make it! But if you can't, be sure to register, and I'll be sure to send you a link to the recording.
  • How Big a Problem is Huawei?
  • Credit Unions Receiving Targeted Malicious eMails
  • RDPwned: 4 Attack Types & the Solutions

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  • Maritime Watch list and Vessel Impersonation reports for 03 21 2019 in Transportation Section.
  • Thank you all for attending yesterday's Threat Brief!
  • Oil and Gas Brief for 03 15 2019 posted.
  • Playing with Ballast tanks in Transportation Section.
  • Weekly vessel impersonation and Maritime Watch List for 03 12 2019 in Transportation Section
  • RDP session hijacking can occur on ALL versions of Windows Server. Have you set group policies to expire users active RDP sessions after disconnect? I hope so...
  • With permission through Be Cyber Aware at Sea, we will begin monthly posting of "Phish and Ships" This publication can be found in the Transportation Section.
  • Check out Anchor Panda and Periscope threat actors in Transportation Section.
  • If anyone is using MISP please contact me. I am exploring MISP for documenting Windows Events using their Windows Service attribute types:
    Categories and Types · User guide of MISP Malware Information Sharing Platform, a Threat Sharing Pl…
  • NSA invites to try their reverse-engineering tool Ghidra. The video for the installation and use examples available at https://www.ghidra-sre.org and the Github page for Ghidra is https://github.com/NationalSecurityAgency/ghidra . While it is possible that the tool is given away because it was of limited use, the Decompile to C Code feature looks really nice, and Wapack Labs analysts intend to test drive Ghidra and ready to discuss their experience with you.
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