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Russian Govt Hit

9602956887?profile=RESIZE_400x Malwarebytes Intelligence Team is reporting the MSHTML vulnerability classified as CVE-2021-40444 has become the focus of threat actors targeting Russian government entities.  Its researchers intercepted phishing email attachments revealing that attackers were trying to target Russian organizations.

The CVE-2021-40444 vulnerability involves ActiveX and is an old flaw, but it was…

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Hotels Under Attack

9601404653?profile=RESIZE_400x A new state-sponsored advanced persistent threat (APT), a term used to describe nation level sponsored and very sophisticated cyber-espionage groups, has been observed escalating attacks against hotels across the world.  Code-named FamousSparrow, this new APT was discovered by Slovak security firm ESET, which said it is tracking hotel focused attacks as far back as…

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Have I got a Deal for You

9597232090?profile=RESIZE_400x The US Securities and Exchange Commission has issued a new warning that fresh criminal schemes are continuing to target digital assets.  Security experts say with social engineering attempts on the rise, individuals and organizations must remain vigilant against crypto-related scams or other "get rich quick" schemes.

In its recent bulletin, the SEC's Office of Investor Education…

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Malware-as-a-Service Provider Gets Caught

9597084491?profile=RESIZE_400x An Illinois man was found guilty on 16 September 2021 by a US federal court jury for running websites that allowed paying users to launch powerful distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks that flood targeted computers with information and prevent them from being able to access the Internet.

A 32 man from St. Charles, Illinois, was found guilty of three felonies: one count…

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Users: How and What We Should Measure?

Measuring the health of your security awareness program can be tricky.  There are many methods you can use to measure the effectiveness of your program and there are virtually infinite metrics you can pull out and interpret in different ways.  Let’s explore 3 method / metric combinations that can set a benchmark for your program’s health and increase the confidence your company has in its effectiveness.

Now, phishing training can be a delicate subject with many employees.  Phishing…

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Is Romeo sending You emails?

9593302272?profile=RESIZE_400x “Oh Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?”  The FBI is warning the public that a massive spike of online romance scams this year caused many Americans to lose more than $113 million since the start of 2021.  The scammers behind this type of online fraud trend (also known as confidence fraud) which can lead to significant financial losses and devastating emotional scars use fake online…

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Who can you Trust anymore?

9588575488?profile=RESIZE_400x What if three disgruntled employees left your organization and took top secret information to a competing company?  What repercussions would follow and how would it impact your business?  In many cases, there would be a lawsuit. In this case, there was federal prosecution and a cybersecurity threat.

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) released a shocking statement on 16 September…

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  • The US government is reportedly set to announce new measures, including sanctions to deter cryptocurrency businesses from getting involved in laundering and facilitating ransomware payments.
  • People who travel, stay at hotels. Hotels and actually the entire travel industry is under constant cyber attack - as the bad guys want financial information to commit fraud. Then they go on vacation themselves.
  • Today is 26 August 2021, ten years ago, I stood in the State of Missouri Secretary of State's office and submitted the application and the $65 check to found Red Sky Alliance Corporation. Thank you to all of our employees and clients who made our 10th Anniversary possible.
  • It is not snowing yet in the mountains, but please review my posted Snowflake article. Your team can use our premium CTAC service by the hour for routine and special projects. And add any other data set that can help with your analysis.
  • I am happy to announce that Red Sky Alliance is a member of The CyberSN Provider Exchange that debuted today.
  • “If we end up in a war, a real shooting war with a major power, it’s going to be as a consequence of a cyber breach,” the US president said in a speech at the Office for the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees 18 US intelligence agencies. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2021/07/biden-warns-cyber-attac...
    Biden warns cyber attacks could lead to a “real shooting war”
    US president's remarks follow breaches that paralyzed critical services.
  • On 21 July - Saudi Aramco confirmed some of its company files were leaked after hackers reportedly demanded a $50 million ransom from the world’s most-valuable oil producer. It's not stopping. https://www.rigzone.com/news/wire/saudi_aramco_confirms_50mm_cyber_...
    Saudi Aramco Confirms $50MM Cyber Ransom Demand
    Saudi Aramco confirmed that some company files were leaked after hackers reportedly demanded a $50 million ransom.
  • This week's Top Indicators of Compromise in the Indicators Channel 07 12 2021
  • Check out our Black Lists for 07 06 2021, in the Indicators Section.
  • Are you concerned with compliance issues and cyber regulations. We can help. Please visit https://www.wapacklabs.com/compliance
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