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Wapack Labs has been serving information security professionals for over eight years. We invite businesses and organizations, enterprise to small businesses to learn more about cyber threats and how to avoid them. We provide reports, indicators, references and training about targeted, advanced, and emerging cyber threats in our private portal.

Red Sky® Alliance offers TLP White and Green cyber threat reporting for targeted industry segments, international reports and malware/bot analyses.

Let us better prepare you and your team for new cyber threats.

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Social Media, a Venue to Cyber Crimes!

4314495932?profile=RESIZE_710x The cybercrime environment is evolving as cyber threat actors improve their attack planning, build new malware and sneaky methods to take advantage of both business and consumer’s on-line behavior. Cybercrimes via social media are not new but now have catapulted into a severe problem with the CoronaVirus. Mobile users are more at risk to criminal schemes as popular on-line banking, and…

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4286466683?profile=RESIZE_710x As information security professionals with over 20+ years in the business, we now see that if a bad actor wants to successfully scam someone online, all these hackers need is to have a basic level of software or networking skills.  Everyone now has the tools to enter this lucrative business; albeit in many cases: very illegal.  Malicious “phishers” of the past used poor graphics, poor…

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FBI Closes Cyber Crime Super Store

4248175712?profile=RESIZE_710x We all need some good news on the “new” COVID-19 Cyber Front.  The FBI has delivered the good news this past week.  During these first weeks of the “New Normal” during the worldwide Corona Virus pandemic, more and more employees are working from home with limited cyber threat protections or training.  Taking down a Crime as a Service (CaaS) web store off the Internet is fantastic news.…

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Cysurance and Red Sky Alliance Two Great Products For Cyber Risk Management

RedXray is a perfect complement to a Cysurance insurance policy. Together these platforms provide a cyber risk solution that both informs and protects. MORE INFORMATION.


RedXray-Plus is an enhanced version of Red Sky® Alliances’ RedXray daily cyber alert service. RedXray-Plus has an on-line dashboard that will show the intelligence behind the listed cyber threats. RedXray services allow you to be notified of any cyber threats without requiring a network connection.


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Did you miss Wednesday, Brief? TOP Brief is ZLoader’s NEW Undetectable Delivery Method. You can watch the recording now.


Did you miss the March Cyber Intelligence Briefing (CIB). Topics: Coronavirus Lures and Business Disruptions and Sodinokibi/REvil TTPs and Timeline


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  • Tomorrow's threat brief titled "TOP BRIEF - New hacker group discovered. Join us and find out more about FairlyOldSoap!" is going to be great and I look forward to seeing everyone there.
  • KOADIC HEALTHCARE CAMPAIGN in the Healthcare Section.
  • CoViD-19 (CoronaVirus) is still affecting those working to transport critical supplies across the world, both in the health and cyber domains. Import indicators from Maritime Watchlists posted in the Transportation channel! Stay safe out there.
  • Working from home created less censorship capabilities and many companies like Facebook and YouTube started to rely more heavily on less accurate automatic detection. As many videos about the coronavirus were demonetized, users reportedly started to use workarounds such as calling it "Human malware"!
  • Oil and Gas Brief for 03 27 2020, in the Oil & Gas Section.
  • Corona and the Shipping Industry, in the Transportation Section.
  • Truckers are helping America to continue operations and are the backbone of cargo transportation across the American landscape. Check out the Transportation channel to take a look at the risks facing these types of companies. Stay safe out there!
  • Ryuk Ransomware targeting 911 services in North Carolina! See what our Chief of Special Operations recommends in the X-Industry channel.
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