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Wapack Labs has been serving information security professionals for over eight years. We invite businesses and organizations, enterprise to small businesses to learn more about cyber threats and how to avoid them. We provide reports, indicators, references and training about targeted, advanced, and emerging cyber threats in our private portal.

Red Sky® Alliance offers TLP White and Green cyber threat reporting for targeted industry segments, international reports and malware/bot analyses.

Let us better prepare you and your team for new cyber threats.

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Grandpa's Advice

5367243875?profile=RESIZE_400x When my grandfather wanted to make a point, he would make it into a story to hold my attention.  Here is a tale for you.   Imagine that you recently acquired a nice inheritance from your favorite Aunt Nellie.  A great home out in the country is brought to your attention and up for sale, so you decide to buy it.  Ah, life is good.  As you start getting comfortable in your new house, you…

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Oil and Gas Brief 05 22 2020

5247888852?profile=RESIZE_400x Activity Summary - Week Ending 22 May 2020:

  • Red Sky Alliance observed 68 unique email accounts compromised with Keyloggers
  • Analysts identified 53,148 connections from new unique IP addresses
  • MinaOTP and Lazarus
  • OPEC+ Cuts appear to be Working
  • Angola’s Oil Production comes to a Halt
  • More Nord Stream 2 legal…
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Oil and Gas Brief 05 15 2020

Activity Summary - Week Ending 15 May 2020:

  • Red Sky Alliance identified 74,978 connections from new unique IP addresses
  • Analysts identified 7,927 new IP addresses participating in various Botnets
  • Stay away from: ohlordiwantyoutohelpme@gmail.com
  • LeetHozer Botnet
  • Aggah and new multiple RATs
  • Beware of: ThunderSpy
  • Olso’s Aker Solutions on a RedXray dashboard - 5876 Breach Data hits for Aker…
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China, Taiwan and a Hot War

5023819282?profile=RESIZE_400x There is a vigorous debate among geopolitical and military scholars if, and when China will invade Taiwan.  At the beginning of the Corona Virus pandemic, many believed that the timing could be ripe for China to militarily invade the island nation of Taiwan.  This a long sought-after prize to “reunite China.”

Link to full Report:…

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Cysurance & RedXray, Two Great Products For Cyber Risk Management

RedXray is a perfect complement to a Cysurance insurance policy. Together these platforms provide a cyber risk solution that both informs and protects. MORE INFORMATION.


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Did you miss the May 13th Brief?. Top Topic: Cerberus Android malware. You can watch the recording now. Next Brief will be on May 27, 2020. See you online. :)


Past Weekly Briefs. Starts with a Top Brief. Next up, Open Source & Social media, then we will cover recent data breaches and malware attacks and seven days of trending, including the latest APT activities, botnet activity, cloud security, blacklists & keylogger activity.


Did you miss the April Cyber Intelligence Briefing (CIB). Topics: Contact Tracing of Covid-19 With Technology and Using Pheonix Keylogger to Track IOs Phishers, The Story That Won Sodinokibi's Underground Contest. Next CIB Brief May 27th. Topics to come. See you online. :)


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  • The maritime industry continues to see impersonation and malware spread through the supply chain. Take a look at the top 5 maritime IoC's in this week's watchlist reporting.
  • Check out the Power Utilities section in the drop down "Industries" for: SECURE POWER: Gigawatts, GeoPol, and CHINA’s Energy Internet
  • Top 5 indicators have been posted. Breach data in Pastebin, Stration email worm attacks, and more. Take a look in the Indicators channel!
  • 4chan is currently carrying out a pretty large "raid" against WHO, Gates Foundation, Wuhan, and several American college professors with ties to Wuhan
  • 'Kwampirs' Malware and the Health Care Supply Chain Attacks. Check out in the Heathcare Industries drop down to the left.
  • What does Italy have to do with Rwanda's second largest manufacturing company? Find out in the Vessel Impersonation report in the Transportation channel!
  • Oil and Gas brief 04 17 2020 in the Oil & Gas section.
  • April 2020 issue of Phish & Ships, in the Transportation Section - to your left "Industries/Transportation drop down"....check it out.
  • Oil and Gas brief for 04 03 2020 in the Oil and Gas section (look under "Industries" to the left).
  • Tomorrow's threat brief titled "TOP BRIEF - New hacker group discovered. Join us and find out more about FairlyOldSoap!" is going to be great and I look forward to seeing everyone there.
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