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Internet Advertising in UK and EU

9886098684?profile=RESIZE_400x It has been over two years since the UK’s data protection watchdog warned the behavioral advertising industry that it is ‘totally out of control.’  The UK’s Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) reportedly has not taken any action to stop the systematic unlawfulness of the tracking and targeting industry abusing Internet users’ personal data to try to manipulate their attention.  That…

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Weekly Report - All Sector 12 03 2021

9876157288?profile=RESIZE_400x Activity Summary - Week Ending on 3 December 2021:

  • Red Sky Alliance identified 35,939 connections from new IP’s checking in with our Sinkholes
  • Dauction.ru has Issues
  • Analysts identified 4,712 new IP addresses participating in various Botnets
  • Unpatched Information & Windows
  • PowerShortShell
  • Banking Trojans and the Play…
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You thought Running out of Ink was your only Problem

9876567266?profile=RESIZE_400x Don’t ignore those pesky emails from HP requesting that you download the most recent software updates.  Vulnerabilities in more than 150 multi-function printers from HP demonstrate that any type of device that connects to a network can expand the perceived threat surface.  Helsinki, Finland-based F-Secure …

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Even James Bond Needs Help With Cyber Threats

9872813280?profile=RESIZE_400x The Five Eyes is an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These countries are parties to the multilateral UKUSA Agreement, a treaty for joint cooperation in signals intelligence.  What effects one of these partner countries will affect all of them.  China, Russia and Iran pose three of the biggest threats to the U.K.…

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What Insurance?

9872531073?profile=RESIZE_400x It is never easy to negotiate with criminals, especially in the cyber-world we live in.  Organizations that fall victim to a ransomware attack should never let the cyber criminals know they have cyber insurance, because if the attackers know that their victim holds an insurance policy, they are more likely to outright demand the ransom payment in full.  Criminals are smart and…

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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Shopping Scams

9869173894?profile=RESIZE_400x It is the most wonderful time of the year… unless you get scammed. The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and so are fraudsters looking to steal your money and more.  With more people shopping online, digital retailers make getting your holiday shopping done easy; you can buy what you need without going outside.  It also comes with its own unique risks. Digital payment fraud has…

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Cyber Security Risks in Mergers & Acquisitions

9868929669?profile=RESIZE_400x In today’s business world, mergers and acquisitions are commonplace as businesses combine, acquire, and enter various partnerships.  Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are filled with often very complicated and complex processes to merge business processes, management, and a whole slew of other aspects of combining two businesses into a single logical entity.  There have been…

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9868898064?profile=RESIZE_400x State-sponsored hacking groups, also known as advanced persistent threats (ATPs), have adopted this year a new attack technique called “RTF Template Injection,” which has brought a new twist and made their attacks harder to detect and stop.   Proofpoint is reporting that APTs from China, Russia, and India are already exploiting this technique, which they also expect to see adopted by…

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  • I am making a presentation for the Southwest Cybersec Forum on Monday, 06 December. Please join me if you can: http://www.southwestcybersecforum.com/
    About Us - Southwest CyberSec Forum
    The Southwest Cybersecurity Forum is one of the oldest security user groups in Arizona and is closely aligned with government and business to educate…
  • In another attempt to disrupt the maritime supply chain, Bureau Veritas (BV) was hit with a cyber-attack. BV handles vessel/ship classification.
  • From our Friends at the NH Information and Analysis Center: The below tips are just a few reminders of how to be cyber-safe during the holiday season.
    • Use caution with e-mails. Avoid clicking on links in unsolicited or suspicious emails and be wary of email attachments. It is always best to go to the site by searching the known and trusted URL and not using the one provided to you. It is also important to verify the sender by contacting them through a known and trusted contact method.
    • Be mindful of scam calls and text messages. It is important to only shop through trusted sources and do not give out personal information over the phone unless it is a trusted source.
    • If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is. Whether the cyber actor is redirecting you to a fake fraudulent site that appears to be legitimate or is posting a malvertisement (malicious advertisement) with the goal of spreading malware to your system. It is important to verify all ADs by going directly to the known, trusted site.
    • Don’t share your information. Most retailers do not need to know our date of birth or social security number for you to simply purchase a gift or gift card. If a retailer is asking for this information, be wary and consider shopping elsewhere.
    • Check your online statements frequently. This will help prevent and catch any criminals in the act of using your credit or debit cards.
  • Check out the up-dated Indicators section.
  • Robinhood Financial hit again.
  • Employ Zero Trust in your networks and workforce.
  • Ukrainian authorities have detain a criminal gang who laundered funds for Russian hacking groups. https://www.npu.gov.ua/news/kiberzlochini/ukrajinski-pravooxoronczi...
    Українські правоохоронці блокували діяльність членів міжнародного транснаціонального хакерського уг…
    За інформацією американських колег, члени угруповання легалізовували  грошові кошти з мережі Darknet в особливо великих розмірах. Відтак у рамках між…
  • DeepBlueMagic ransomware hits Israeli Hospitals.
  • US AI at kindergarten level. Huh? Check out the recent resignation of a US Pentagon official.
  • Facebook Woes - the social media giant is currently under the gun.
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