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Blackout in Kashmir

3572707688?profile=RESIZE_710xOn 6 August 2019, the Government of India struck down “Article 370A and 35A” from its constitution.  Article 370 is a constitutional provision that grants special status and allows the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir to make its own laws.  The State of Jammu and Kashmir defined these privileges to include the ability to purchase land and unmovable property, the ability to vote and…

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“Lagtime” Chinese APT Campaign

In July 2019, Proofpoint reported a new malware campaign named, “Operation Lagtime IT.” The campaign is targeti3532606595?profile=RESIZE_710xng government agencies in East Asia and leveraging malicious RTF documents to deliver multiple payloads, including a new custom malware payload dubbed, “Cotx RAT.”  Based on observed infrastructure and attacker TTPs, analysts have attributed the campaign to a Chinese APT group…

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Figure 1. Internet blackout area during Moscow opposition protests 

Governments, especially authoritarian ones, consider cutting the Internet as one of the ways to deal with political opposition and separatists.  Major Internet disruptions were recently detected in India (Kashmir), Indonesia (Papua), Sudan, and, on a smaller scale, in Russia. Severing or completely…

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Recent Western analysis has identified a new series of military unit cover designators for the new Chinese military entity called the Strategic Support Force (SSF).  Elements of the SSF have reportedly been assigned cover designators in the series 32001-32099 Unit.  Because the SSF is the parent organization for China’s new cyber force,…

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  • Lessons from the ransomware attack on 22 Texas municipalities:
    If your servers or computer systems are remotely administered by internal IT staff or by a managed service provider (MSP):
    - Only allow authentication to remote access software from inside the provider’s network
    - Use two-factor authentication on remote administration tools and Virtual Private Network tunnels (VPNs) rather than remote desktop protocols (RDPs)
    - Block inbound network traffic from Tor Exit Nodes
    - Block outbound network traffic to Pastebin
    - Use Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to detect Powershell (PS) running unusual processes.
    Source: dir.texas[.]gov/View-About-DIR/Article-Detail.aspx?id=213
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  • At the beginning of September 2019, Wapack Labs significantly increased the available collection of breached credentials by adding over 200 Million new breach data lines. This data allows our clients to check for potential compromise and to protect themselves against compromised password reuse.
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