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Beginning in April 2019, Wapack Labs SOC observed an uptick in alerts for inbound PHP exploit attempts affecting multiple clients. These alerts indicate attacks on vulnerable systems through the use of malicious PHP code in HTTP requests. If these attacks are successful, they can result in data exfiltration as well as remote control of victim servers.
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Apple IDs are a popular target for hackers because they can enable theft of financial data and other personally identifiable information (PII). These are often obtained through phishing campaigns intended to trick users into entering their personal data. In June 2019, Wapack Labs identified one such campaign that is leveraging a large infrastructure and a phishing kit dubbed ‘Allantibots’. Allantibots is a sophisticated phishing package and is characterized by its ability to spoof the…

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Our friends at the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, Office of Private Sector, has recently provided information to private sector partners regarding criminals posing as technology support representatives to obtain personal and financial information. 

The culprits gain the trust from victims by impersonating a representative from a…

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The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) issued a new draft cybersecurity regulation on 21 May 2019.  This draft is a planned extension of the Cybersecurity Law issued in 2017 that placed greater restrictions on foreign firms operating in China.  The new regulation creates the requirement for review of imported network equipment to…

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Cyber Intelligence Briefing

Cyber Intelligence Briefing: RDP a Deep Dive

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) serves as an entry point for an attacker that desires to move laterally throughout an organization via an RDP hijacking session. This month's cyber intelligence on-line briefing is a deep dive into the different types of attacks against RDP.

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  • The maritime watch list and Vessel Impersonation reports for the week of 06 14 2019 are now posted in the Transportation Section.
  • Address Bar Spoofing in The Wild

    You often hear to pay attention to the address bar to check if the domain you see in your Internet browser is actually the one you intended. But hackers can sometimes spoof that too. In June 2019, Wapack Labs discovered a long-running campaign utilizing this address bar spoofing vulnerability that was fixed in Microsoft Edge, but still works in some mobile Safari version despite being reported years ago.

    This results in the phishing page being displayed while the valid URL is in the address bar. The following image shows this exploit in action. The only indicator that it’s a phishing page is the misspelling in the form (brith instead of birth). This vulnerability (CVE 2018-8383) was originally reported back in 2015 and still has not been patched by Safari.

    Download the whole report: https://redskyalliance.org/finished-analysis/allantibots
    Apple IDs are a popular target for hackers because they can enable theft of financial data and other personally identifiable information (PII). These…
  • Summer Travel and cyber security - Transportation
  • 06 14 2019 Oil and Gas brief in Oil and Gas Section
  • Wapack Labs has been tracking sextortion cases for years. Thieves are posing as a CIA officer sending emails to victims claiming that the victim has been viewing child pornography and is going to be arrested unless they pay $10,000 worth of bitcoin to the attacker.

    1. If you do not view child pornography, you should know this is fake.
    2. The CIA is not going to reach out to pedophiles warning them that they are about to be arrested.
    3. If a CIA officer were to ever accept a bribe, it's extremely unlikely that they would ask for it via email.

  • Millions of Exim mail servers are under attack today as attackers attempt to exploit CVE-2019-10149 to gain root access on affected servers. Exim mail transfer agent versions 4.87 - 4.91 are affected. Version 4.92 patches the vulnerability. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/millions-of-exim-mai...
    Millions of Exim Mail Servers Are Currently Being Attacked
    Millions of mail servers running vulnerable Exim mail transfer agent (MTA) versions are currently under siege, with attackers gaining permanent root…
  • Telegram messenger just had issues worldwide being DDoSed. The reason is likely China trying to silence the Hong Kong protests https://twitter.com/durov/status/1138942773430804480
    Pavel Durov on Twitter
    “@DefTechPat @telegram IP addresses coming mostly from China. Historically, all state actor-sized DDoS (200-400 Gb/s of junk) we experienced coincide…
  • US Rail Crude Oil Traffic and Security Awareness - in Transportation Section
  • Oil and Gas Brief 06 07 2019 in Oil and Gas Section
  • Phish & Ships June 2019 edition in Transportation Section.
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