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Huawei CEO, Ren Zhengfei

On 15 May 2019, US President Trump declared a national emergency over the dangers of importing technology from adversary countries, a move universally understood to be targeted at the Chinese corporation Huawei Technologies.  The “ban” on Huawei is being enacted by the US Department of Commerce,…

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Mirai Clusters

Mirai is a self-propagating malware that infects networked devices and turns them into remotely controlled bots.  Targets include devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) such as IP cameras and home routers and access is achieved with either software exploits or via authentication with factory default credentials. Mirai is frequently updated…

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Russian Internet Isolation Legislation


On 1 May 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed “Internet sovereignty” bill.  New requirements to use ISPs to track traffic origin will likely force traffic decryption and support of internal censorship efforts.  In the future, Russia will develop its own DNS system to conduct special Internet controls.  Currently, LinkedIn is banned in Russia.  Russian national payment system, Mir, was developed after several Russian banks were denied services by US-based Visa and…

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Cyber Intelligence Briefing

Cyber Intelligence Briefing: RDP a Deep Dive

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) serves as an entry point for an attacker that desires to move laterally throughout an organization via an RDP hijacking session. This month's cyber intelligence on-line briefing is a deep dive into the different types of attacks against RDP.

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  • Timely brief from our CN SME, Code named: Silkworm - CHINA’S REACTION TO THE US BAN ON HUAWEI
  • Mirai is a self-propagating malware that infects networked devices and turns them into remotely controlled bots.
  • Oil and Gas brief 05 17 2019 in Oil and Gas Section.
  • Windows patches included gov[.]uk TLD into HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) preload list that causes to only connect via HTTPS. It caused some of the British websites to be unreachable in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. Examples include www[.]doncaster[.]gov[.]uk, www[.]reading[.]gov[.]uk, and www[.]southglos[.]gov[.]uk.
  • The Maritime watch list report for the week of 05 13 2019 is now posted in the Transportation Section.
  • Oil Tankers at Risk in the Middle East-Part 2 in Transportation Section.
  • Four oil tankers attacked in UAE waters on 12 May 2019. See Transportation or Oil and Gas Sections.
  • Oil and Gas brief for May 10th 2019 - Oil and Gas Section
  • Braking and Steering Systems to Control a New Generation of Auto-driving Vehicle - in Automotive Section.
  • See Ending Maritime Mishaps in Transportation Section.
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