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12398074465?profile=RESIZE_400xWith the automotive industry facing an unprecedented surge in loan fraud, dealerships are finding themselves at the front lines of a growing battle against sophisticated crime syndicates.  In the early months of 2023, the creation of manufactured ide

12385254297?profile=RESIZE_400xAs we enter the age of the software-defined automobile, especially those with electric drivetrains, we’re facing unprecedented risk from cyberattacks, say a wide coterie of experts. According to the Israel-based Upstream firm, from 2019 to 2023 discl

11063084701?profile=RESIZE_400xAuto dealers across the US are facing the highest vehicle theft rates in history and many are turning to AI security technology to stop these escalating attacks before more losses are incurred.

Auto theft is rising and nationwide surpassed one millio

10977343090?profile=RESIZE_400xBuying a used car has always been somewhat of a gamble.  Things are much better than in the past, but sketchy dealers are still out there and prey on unsuspecting buyers.  In the old days, rolling back the odometer was relatively easy.  Laws were the

10961185675?profile=RESIZE_400xWith ever escalating cyber-attacks, it is essential for auto retailers to protect their dealerships and customer data.  According to CDK Global's State of Cybersecurity e-book, less than 50% of dealers are adequately prepared to meet the US Federal T

The Japanese auto company Nissan has sent out breach notification letters to thousands of customers to inform them of a leak of personal information (pii) through a third-party vendor.  The car company said it was notified on 21 June 2022 that names,

10843914886?profile=RESIZE_400xLast week, we reported an alleged cyber-attack on Italian automaker Ferrari.  Well, high end automaker has confirmed the leak of some internal documents but did not say how it happened.  On 10 October, RansomEXX, a ransomware-as-a-service operator, c

10165354056?profile=RESIZE_400xJapanese auto giant Toyota said it will restart US domestic production today, a day after all of its factories nationwide ground to a halt following a cyberattack at a parts supplier.  Production lines will be switched back on at its 14 factories acr

10070957501?profile=RESIZE_400xA 19-year-old security researcher said he was able to hack into over 25 Teslas from around the world.  Recently the young hacker published a blog post explaining how he was able to remotely hack into the cars via security bugs in TeslaMate, a popular