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11063084701?profile=RESIZE_400xAuto dealers across the US are facing the highest vehicle theft rates in history and many are turning to AI security technology to stop these escalating attacks before more losses are incurred.

Auto theft is rising and nationwide surpassed one million stolen vehicles for the first time since 2008, according to statistics released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) in March 2023.  Parts were also pinpointed for black market resale: catalytic converter theft ticked up 1,200% over the last three years.

Thieves are becoming increasingly sophisticated and expanding their threat vectors.  Now they are stealing cars through Controller Area Network (CAN) injection attacks, which inject code into headlights and target wiring for the auto’s electronic control units.[1]

Liberty Buick-GMC in Matthews, NC is taking pro-active steps to protect open air-assets with iDter commercial AI security technology from KEYper Systems, who in partnership are using AI technology to deter unwanted intrusion on their property.   iDter uses AI and 4K ultra-high resolution camera technology embedded in Niō Guardian nodes located around the property to detect intrusion and take immediate and programmable deterrence actions.

Liberty Buick-GMC, has 16 Niō Guardians installed around the outside of the dealership on buildings and light poles, along with a Niō Guardian to protect the KEYper key management solution inside the building.  The owner said in one incident shortly after installation, unauthorized activity on the property was immediately confronted by the system and the person moved off the property, preventing possible theft or damage.  “The combination of immediate detection and deterrence with live video monitoring provides a strong sense of security,” he said.

KEYper partnered with iDter last year in offering customers with the MX Electronic Key Management System its total intrusion deterrence and monitoring solution featuring Niō Guardians. The MX Key System provides key and asset management that leverages analytics, AI security technology and asset control.

Visibility is important to the dealership, who stays apprised of notifications of activity at the dealership and can access video footage remotely to see what is happening at night and on weekends.  “Knowing what is occurring on the property has great value to me,” the owner said.

11063085273?profile=RESIZE_400xNiō Guardians are positioned around the protected premises to detect intrusion with a powerful high-resolution camera with wide-angle lens, multiple motion detectors, quad-core computer intelligence, omni-directional speakers, microphone and powerful LED lights for illumination and red/blue strobing.  When a late-night intruder is detected, Niō activates an array of programmable deterrence measures, including instantaneous illumination of 10,000 lumens of multi-directional LED floodlights, blinding strobes of red and blue LEDs, piercing sirens, situation-appropriate voice-down warning messages and intimidating sound effects.  During the early evening hours, Niō has welcoming messages explaining the dealership is closed: “Feel free to browse our inventory, we use lights and cameras for your safety and ours.”

Events are monitored in real time to ensure deterrence actions were successful, and if not, a video verified alarm is sent to a UL Listed, Five-Diamond Certified central station for dispatch of authorities through 911 operators.

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