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In just five years, Xi Jinping has surprised everyone by altering the vector of China’s development to match his vision for a China that stands as a peer to the United States.  He has done this by methodically concentrating political, economic, and military power into his own hands so that he now stands alone as the supreme leader of China. Xi Jinping has proved different from his predecessors in many ways.  He has gained control over the Communist Party through a deep and wide-ranging anti-c
Meltdown and Spectre are two major flaws that affect all modern computers based on processors from Intel, AMD and ARM. Discovered and named by the team of security researchers as part of Google Project Zero, both of these flaws potentially allow hackers to steal personal data from computers, including cloud servers and mobile devices. The disclosure date for the flaws was January 9, 2018 but due to premature reports, growing speculation and risk of exploitation, the information was revealed s