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12428766264?profile=RESIZE_400xThe UN Security Council’s (UNSC) most recent Arria-formula meeting on a cyber-related topic took place on 4 April 2024.  Organized by the Republic of Korea (ROK) and co-hosted by Japan and the United States (US) the session focused on the “Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape and Its Implications for The Maintenance of International Peace And Security.”  The informal meeting included interventions from more than 30 delegations preceded by technical briefings from Deputy to the High Representative for

12428815270?profile=RESIZE_400xHundreds of musicians have joined with the Artist Rights Alliance (ARA) to condemn the excessive use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the music industry.  As well as they should.  In an open letter organized by campaign group the Artists' Rights Alliance, AI will "infringe upon our rights and devalue the rights of human artists" if used irresponsibly.  American singer Billie Eilish, Katy Perry, Elvis Costello, and UK star Engelbert Humperdinck are among 200 artists calling for the "predatory"

12428105877?profile=RESIZE_400xAdobe is recruiting help from its network of photographers and videographers to train its new AI text-to-video generator, but is the company paying enough?   To catch up with other AI video generators like Google's Lumiere and OpenAI's Sora, Adobe is purchasing videos that show people engaging in everyday activities like walking, running, using a cell phone, and working out, and other videos showing emotions like sadness, excitement, or rage.  Adobe also requests simple videos of human anatomy l

12427434059?profile=RESIZE_400xThe UK's competition watchdog sniffed around the AI industry with a bit more interest than usual on 11 April at an antitrust event in the US.  Speaking at the 72nd Antitrust Law Spring Meeting in Washington DC, Sarah Cardell, CEO of the UK Competition and Markets Authority, discussed "growing concerns" that the web of connected partnerships between AI technology companies may hinder competition.  "I think it’s fair to say that when we started this work, we were curious," said Cardell.  "Now, wit

12426628092?profile=RESIZE_400xGenerative AI (GenAI) technologies have introduced a new era of innovation, offering organizations unprecedented capabilities to create, automate, and optimize.   With these advancements come complex challenges surrounding intellectual property (IP) management. In a post-ChatGPT world, businesses find themselves at a crossroads, needing to adapt their IP strategies to safeguard their assets effectively.


GenAI technologies possess the dual

12425218070?profile=RESIZE_400xAI might not be coming for all jobs, but it might be coming for some.  UPS’s  largest layoff in its 116-year history was the result of, in part, new technologies, including AI, CEO Carol Tomé said during an earnings call in February 2024.  Meanwhile, IBM plans to pause hiring for roles it thinks could soon be automated by AI, CEO Arvind Krishna told Bloomberg in 2023.

Workers are not optimistic about the future.  In a recent survey from McKinsey, 25% of business professional

12420315455?profile=RESIZE_400xRed teaming is everywhere.  The offensive security testing method is mentioned a dozen times in the recent artificial intelligence (AI) executive order released by President Joe Biden and accompanying draft guidance for United States’ federal agencies—and it’s a hot topic for global industry leaders and governments alike.

In the European Union, there’s a call to conduct adversarial testing in the interests of greater transparency and reporting.  The Canadian government and Australian Signals Dir

12420201687?profile=RESIZE_400xData security continues to cause angst and thus the US House of Representatives has reportedly banned congressional staffers from using Microsoft’s AI coding assistant, Copilot.  This comes just weeks after Microsoft announced the official public release of AI Copilot on 14 March 2024.

The ban, implemented by the House’s Chief Administrative Officer Catherine Szpindor, reportedly stems from concerns about potential data leakage.  According to Axios, Szpindor’s office believes AI Copilot “poses a

12404712858?profile=RESIZE_400xApple's latest acquisition of yet another AI startup provides insight into the tech giant's plans for artificial intelligence in 2024.  The startup, DarwinAI, is a Canadian visual quality inspection business that has developed ways to make AI systems smaller and more efficient.  Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has vowed to share more details about the company's AI advancements in 2024, and this latest acquisition of a company that makes AI systems run efficiently on smaller devices could reinforce the idea

12404153085?profile=RESIZE_400xTwo teenage boys from Miami, FL, were arrested in December of last year for allegedly creating and sharing AI-generated nude images of male and female classmates without consent, according to police reports obtained via a public record request. The arrest reports say the boys, aged 13 and 14, created the images of the students “between the ages of 12 and 13.”  For readers who have watched the 1981 sex comedy film “Porky’s,” this mischief is similar but is a 21st-century version.  https://www.jus

12400254075?profile=RESIZE_400xCyber security is undergoing a massive transformation, with Artificial intelligence (AI) at the forefront of this change, posing both a threat and an opportunity.  AI can potentially empower organizations to defeat cyberattacks at machine speed and drive innovation and efficiency in threat detection, hunting, and incident response.  Adversaries can use AI as part of their exploits.  It is never been more critical for us to design, deploy, and use AI securely.


12393265284?profile=RESIZE_400xWhen most people hear about cybersecurity hacks they envision frozen monitors, ransomware demands, and DDoS attacks that compromise connectivity for a few hours or even days.  Some experts, though, are worried that with the arrival of widespread artificial intelligence in the hands of hackers, both lone wolves and nation-states, we may be entering the era of the "cyber-physical attack."

In fact, last month the FBI warned Congress that Chinese hackers have burrowed deep into the United States' cy

12388628073?profile=RESIZE_400xCyber-attacks cost the world economy a huge $8 trillion USD in 2023 and are expected to rise to an incredible $18 trillion by 2030.  Technology has advanced so rapidly that most devices in a 2024 household are always online smart devices perpetually connected to the cloud.  Beyond this, no workforce, industry, or government agency exists without a complex and interconnected web of users, systems, and online technologies.  Is it any wonder that cyber-attacks are on the rise and have cost the worl

12368087481?profile=RESIZE_400x“Vote early and often.”  In his book Capone, author John Kobler attributes the phrase to the gangster Al Capone.  In the United States, Republicans accused their opponents of inviting such corruption with their support of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, the "Motor Voter Law."


Jen Easterly, Director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), stated in an interview on 19 January 2024 that "the Ame

12361104093?profile=RESIZE_400xAI integration was a key focus of the Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2024 and one company is taking that experience mobile with an always connected e-bike that serves as the hub for interactions, coaching, and fitness data collection.

A reviewer tested a carbon fiber e-bike from Urtopia that had smart-riding features embedded in its dot-matrix display controller.  At the time, the functionality was basic and focused on enhancing the riding experience. Since then, Urtopia

12360567483?profile=RESIZE_400xArtificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are helping the National Security Agency (NSA) and other US government agencies detect malicious Chinese cyber activity; a top US intelligence official stated recently that indicates how US security agencies are using AI to improve computer defenses.

Speaking on 09 January 2024 at the International Conference on Cyber Security at Fordham University, Rob Joyce, the director of the NSA Cybersecurity Directorate, said that AI is helping his

12346594062?profile=RESIZE_400xRecently, executives from SentinelOne, Protect AI and IBM Consulting provided lawmakers on the cybersecurity and infrastructure protection subcommittee with a laundry list of recommendations to better combat AI threats.  Attacks by malicious hackers using artificial intelligence could swamp smaller companies that are already overwhelmed by cybercrime, experts warned lawmakers during a congressional hearing on 26 December 2023.[1]

Testifying before the House Homeland Security and Governmental Aff

12331830864?profile=RESIZE_400xMeta recently released a new standalone AI image generator.  The tech is based on its Emu image synthesis and the way it all works might surprise you.  Consider this with Meta AI already built into the Meta apps like Messenger and Instagram.  It is now available in a browser window and is quite impressive.  The only catch is that users are the ones supplying the source images.[1]

Meta scrapes all of our social media feeds to the tune of about one billion images, according to Ars Technica.  The A

12296625485?profile=RESIZE_400xArkose Labs has analyzed and reported on tens of billions of bot attacks from January through September 2023, collected via the Arkose Labs Global Intelligence Network. Bots are automated processes acting out over the internet. Some perform useful purposes, such as indexing the internet, but most are Bad Bots designed for malicious ends. Bad Bots are increasing dramatically, and Arkose estimates that 73% of all internet traffic currently (Q3, 2023) comprises Bad Bots a

12294379291?profile=RESIZE_400xThe recent increase of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be a game-changer in many positive ways, even though we are still on the edge of its vast potential.  New and previously unimaginable medical treatments, safer, cleaner and more integrated public transport, more rapid and accurate diagnoses, and environmental breakthroughs are all within the credible promise of AI today.

Both China and Russia have made no secret of their desire to “Win the AI race” with current and pledged investme