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10887081863?profile=RESIZE_400xThe ramifications from the 2017 NotPetya attack, which the US government said was caused by a Russian cyber-attack in Ukraine, continues to be felt worldwide as now cyber insurers are modifying coverage exclusions; that is - expanding the definition of these attacks as an "act of war."  This 5-year-old cyber-attack appears to be leading the insurance industry on its head.

Mondelez International, parent of such popular brands as Cadbury, Oreo, Ritz, and Triscuit, was hit hard by NotPetya, with fa

10859346866?profile=RESIZE_400xMost businesses are surprised by how long a single cyberattack can take to carry out, from beginning to end.  When the average dwell time of an intruder in an IT ecosystem has increased to more than 9 months; why malicious actors seem to be given the luxury of time.

To better understand how this all works, here is a brief review the five stages of a cyberattack.

  1. Getting to know the victim: Adversaries start by identifying target organizations and collecting information about them. Key focuses i

10827511480?profile=RESIZE_400xPortugal’s national airline TAP Air Portugal says hackers obtained the personal data of some of its customers and have published the information on the dark web.  No payment data was taken in the cyberattack, the flag carrier said in a statement late Wednesday.

The attack began almost a month ago and is being investigated by Portuguese authorities, with the help of specialists from Microsoft.  The hackers obtained the name, nationality, sex, date of birth and address, email and telephone contact

10758134088?profile=RESIZE_400xA suspected cyber-attack on 7-Eleven stores, pervasive in large towns and at rail stations across Denmark, is reporting that “we cannot use cash registers and/or receive payments.”  This the company wrote on its Facebook page.  “We are therefore closed until we know the extent [of the attack].  We hope to be able to open stores again soon,” it wrote.

There are 176 7-Eleven stores in Denmark.  The company’s CEO told a Danish broadcaster that cash registers “suddenly” began to malfunction in store

10640623479?profile=RESIZE_400xIn February 2019, a large container ship sailing for the Port of New York/New Jersey identified a cyber intrusion on board that startled the US Coast Guard.  Though the malware attack never controlled the vessel’s movement, authorities concluded that weak defenses exposed critical functions to “significant vulnerabilities.”

A maritime disaster didn’t happen that day, but a warning flare rose over an emerging threat to global trade: cyber piracy able to penetrate on-board technology that’s replac

10235226663?profile=RESIZE_400xSince declaring cyberwar on Russia through the #OpRussia campaign, the hacktivist group Anonymous has been busy.  It has been three weeks since the Anonymous collective tweeted their declaration of war, and in that time the decentralized group has been a mainstay of news headlines.   

Since Russia invaded Ukraine the Anonymous twitter account, @YourAnonNews has gained close to 500,000 followers.  In the hybrid war format where both acts of kinetic war and cyber war have been documented many hack

10229169082?profile=RESIZE_400xIran’s Revolutionary Guard has added “smart submarines,” unmanned underwater vehicles, to its navy for the first time, a report presented on Iranian state TV.  Its Guard’s Navy unveiled the vessels, along with new missiles and speedboats, at a ceremony in Iran’s southern port city of Bandar Abbas.[1]

Its new speedboats can travel at up to 95 knots (about 109 mph) and are able to launch missiles and rockets.  The report also said the Guard’s navy was equipped with new maneuverable missiles with a

10145990287?profile=RESIZE_400xLogistics and freight forwarding giant Expeditors International announced a cyber-attack on 20 February that crippled some of their operating systems and continues to slow their operations around the globe.  The Seattle-based freight company, which brought in $10.1 billion in revenue last year, said they shut down most of their operating systems globally after discovering the cyber-attack.  "The situation is evolving, and we are working with global cybersecurity experts to manage the situation.

10081515890?profile=RESIZE_400xIt is estimated that North Korea (KP) is continuing to steal hundreds of millions of dollars from financial institutions and cryptocurrency firms and exchanges.  This stolen currency is an important source of funding for its nuclear and missile programs, UN experts said in a report quoting cyber specialists.  The panel of experts said that according to an unnamed government, North Korean “cyber-actors stole more than $50 million between 2020 and mid-2021 from at least three cryptocurrency exchan

10081106298?profile=RESIZE_400xMerchant tanker and barge shipments in and out of Europe’s biggest oil hub have been delayed by up to a week as four storage companies work to resume operations after cyber-attacks.  Since the end of last week, storage company Oiltanking and oil trading firm Mabanaft, both owned by Germany’s Marquard & Bahls, have been hit by hackers.  Belgium’s SEA-TANK and Dutch fuel storage firm Evos have also been affected.

The companies have had to suspend some operations, affecting oil flows in the Netherl

10063274065?profile=RESIZE_400xShell Deutschland GmbH is reporting it was able to "reroute to alternative supply depots for the time being," said Shell.  The company’s Oiltanking Deutschland GmbH and mineral oil dealer Mabanaft was hit by a cyber-attack which disrupted its IT systems and supply chain.  The attack allegedly took place on 31 January 2022.   

Royal Dutch Shell said today it was re-routing oil supplies to other depots following a cyber-attack on two subsidiaries of German logistics firm Marquard & Bahls this week

9709443281?profile=RESIZE_400xWarnings have been issued for years.  The techniques were simple enough: penetrate the platform through the onboard navigation system and then go horizontally across the onboard networks to gain control of key systems such as steering and the throttle.  The hackers did exactly this and surprisingly without foreknowledge of the specific systems they were to hack prior to beginning the penetration.  They were in and through the navigation interface in a remarkably short time and had control of bot

9154908077?profile=RESIZE_400xA pro-Palestinian Malaysian hacker group known as "DragonForce" claimed that it hacked into AcadeME last week, stating "THE LARGEST AND MOST ADVANCED STUDENT AND GRADUATE RECRUITMENT NETWORK IN ISRAEL Hacked By DragonForce Malaysia" in a Telegram message on 20 June.  The group claimed that they leaked emails, passwords, first and last names, addresses and even phone numbers of students who were registered on AcadeME. DragonForce attacked screenshots of code, server addresses and a table includin

9088943900?profile=RESIZE_400x"They went after our gas and they went after our hot dogs.  No one is out of bounds here. Everyone is in play here," warned Christopher Krebs, former director of cybersecurity at Department of Homeland Security.  From natural phenomena to cyberattacks like the massive SolarWinds operation and recent attack on the Colonial Gas Pipeline, security experts warn it is clear that most businesses and key infrastructure like power grids across this country are pitifully unprepared to meet such threats.