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12415347088?profile=RESIZE_400xLet’s face it, we are all aware of the ever-increasing cyber risk in both our personal lives, workplace and wider society.  As consumers we hand over ever-increasing volumes of valuable personal data in the expectation that organizations will invest in robust cyber security to protect it and keep it secure.  Legislation also exists to drive standards through UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with the potential for up to a 4 per cent fine on global turnover for companies failing to adh

12404151693?profile=RESIZE_400xBritain’s democracy is under threat from Chinese cyber-attacks, this reported as Parliament was informed on 25 March of this warning after the hacking of voter details and the targeting of several China hawks in Parliament has occurred.  The UK’s Deputy Prime Minister, briefed MPs on the cyberthreat from China and is expected to announce reprisals against those believed to be involved, according to government insiders.  He pointed the finger at China over an alleged hacking that hit British vote

12402292293?profile=RESIZE_400xThe first person in the UK to be convicted of a ‘cyber flashing’ offence has been jailed for 66 weeks after a judge warned him, she had a “duty to protect” victims.  The sentence was passed down at Southend Crown Court after sending unsolicited explicit photos to a 15-year-old and a woman.  The 39-year-old male, from Basildon, Essex, sent the victims digital pictures of his genitals on 9 February 2024.[1] 

Cyber flashing refers to the sending of an unsolicited sexual image to people via social m

12309169499?profile=RESIZE_400xA gang of hackers who targeted the private King Edward VII’s Hospital are threatening to reveal the health data from the Royal Family unless they are paid £300,000 in Bitcoin.  The hospital notably treated Kate, the Princess of Wales and the hackers have claimed they have ‘X-rays, letters from consultants, registration forms, handwritten clinical notes, and pathology forms.’[1]

The gang is referred to as ‘Rhysida,’ which is a venomous tropical centipede, and previously targeted the British Libra

12309104701?profile=RESIZE_400xThe UK’s Sellafield nuclear facility has denied reports that its IT networks have been attacked by cyber groups linked to Russia and China.  The Guardian said an investigation into the nuclear site in Cumbria found security breaches, dating back to 2015, which it says were not reported to regulators for “several years.”

The year-long investigation, named ‘Nuclear Leaks,’ said sleeper malware which can be used to spy on or attack systems had been embedded in the networks and could still be there.

12202194684?profile=RESIZE_400xA cyber-attack on Australian utility company, Energy One Limited (EOL), could have international impact with the firm’s corporate systems in the UK, which was also affected.  The company, a global supplier of software and services to the wholesale energy market, confirmed that it had taken steps to limit the impact of the incident and had alerted both the Australian Cyber Security Centre and “certain UK authorities.”

According to a document signed by Andrew Bonwick, Board Chairman of EOL, it was

12144609461?profile=RESIZE_400xBritish prosecutors say teen Lapsus$ member was behind hacks on Uber, Rockstar.  Earlier this week a British Crown Court lifted a reporting restriction, allowing the naming of a teenager who is accused of hacking Uber, Revolut, and video game developer Rockstar Games in a short period of time last September.  The teen, who is now 18, has been deemed not fit to stand trial by medical professionals.  The jury will decide whether he is liable for the hacking incidents rather than guilty of them.[1]

12127000067?profile=RESIZE_400xThe US Department of Energy and several other federal agencies were compromised in a Russian cyber-extortion gang’s global hack of a file-transfer program popular with corporations and governments. Still, the impact was not expected to be great, Homeland Security officials said on 15 June 2023.  But for others, among what could be hundreds of victims from industry to higher education, including patrons of at least two state motor vehicle agencies, the hack was beginning to show some serious impa

11038596256?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Five Eyes agencies recently issued cybersecurity guidance and best practices for smart cities.  The document describes potential risks and provides recommendations for addressing them.   Those readers who do not follow the novels Tom Clancy and John le Carre may not be familiar with The Five Eyes.  The Five Eyes are the intelligence agencies of the US, Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand that share intelligence.[1]

Smart cities integrate Information and Communication Technologies (IC

10898158062?profile=RESIZE_400xActivity Summary - Week Ending on 2 December 2022:

  • Red Sky Alliance identified 30,052 connections from new IP’s checking in with our Sinkholes
  • Microsoft in Singapore hit 111x
  • Nivdort Malware Variant moves up in Collections
  • Analysts identified 1,256 new IP addresses participating in various Botnets
  • Tridas eWriter
  • Remcos
  • NY Suffolk County Hit
  • German Festo and CODESYS
  • Guadeloupe
  • UK Cyber Regulation

Link to full report: IR-22-336-001_weekly336.pdf

10830690273?profile=RESIZE_400xA cyber-attack on Britain’s NHS systems detected nearly two months ago is still "compromising" the quality of care trusts can provide, a health boss said.  Software used for check-ins, notes and the NHS 111 service was affected by the ransomware attack found on 4 August 2022.  The chief executive of Oxford Health Foundation Trust (OH) said it has done all it can to maintain services despite the disruption.  Software provider Advanced said disruption could continue for weeks.  The OH said it init

9886098684?profile=RESIZE_400xIt has been over two years since the UK’s data protection watchdog warned the behavioral advertising industry that it is ‘totally out of control.’  The UK’s Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) reportedly has not taken any action to stop the systematic unlawfulness of the tracking and targeting industry abusing Internet users’ personal data to try to manipulate their attention.  That is not in terms of enforcing the law against offenders and stopping what digital rights campaigners have descr

8467393284?profile=RESIZE_400xFinancial services firms in the UK were hit hard in 2020, with 70% experiencing a successful cyber-attack and most of these blaming COVID-related conditions for the incident, according to Keeper Security.  The password security firm commissioned the Ponemon Institute to poll over 370 UK IT security leaders in the sector, as part of a larger global study.  It revealed that the rapid shift to remote working forced on businesses during the pandemic provided threat actors with an opportunity to targ