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9641497900?profile=RESIZE_400xMany believe that the Mafia of old has long since been active.  Not so, says Europol.  The new and improved Mafia organized crime ring thrived on violence, intimidation and $12 million in online fraud profits; all specialties of the Mafia.  International law enforcement has busted up an extensive cybercrime operation run by a gang with ties to the Italian Mafia.

The group allegedly used phishing attacks to defraud hundreds of victims. The suspects used various lures to convince victims (mostly I

8060148074?profile=RESIZE_400xRansomware attacks remain the top cyber-enabled threat seen by law enforcement agencies.  But phishing campaigns, business email compromises, and other types of fraud that are now using COVID-19 themes are increasing.  Red Sky Alliance has members, clients, and readers from around the world and this article has been written from the European Union viewpoint, which actually applies internationally to global defense against cyber-crimes.  Our source is the seventh annual Internet Organized Crime T