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10906606696?profile=RESIZE_400xMalware is nothing more that burglary tools.  Cyber researchers have recently shed light on a Dark web marketplace called “In the Box” that is designed to specifically cater to mobile malware operators.  The actor behind the criminal storefront, believed to be available since at least January 2020, has been offering over 400 custom web injects grouped by geography that can be purchased by other adversaries looking to mount attacks of their own.  The automation allows other bad actors to create o

10894405054?profile=RESIZE_400xA hacker has leaked 5.3 million Twitter account details on a cybercrime forum while another researcher, Chad Loder, claims there is another Twitter breach involving “perhaps over 100 million accounts.”

On 7 August 2022, Hackread.com reported a story detailing a Twitter data breach involving 5.4 million accounts.  Now, the very same data has been leaked on a hacker forum which surfaced as an alternative to popular and now-sized Raidforums.

10894405257?profile=RESIZE_584xThe data is currently available for download (Screenshot

10862220462?profile=RESIZE_400xRed Sky Alliance maintains a substantial dark web collections data set and we make this data available to our customers through our CTAC, RedXray, and API products.  This gives customers the opportunity to explore and perform analyses on dark web data without the need for establishing a safe infrastructure for navigating the Tor network.  To date we have collected over 1.4 million data points across 80 dark web sites.  The set of sites that we collect from on an ongoing basis will change with ne

10818501281?profile=RESIZE_400xAccording to a recent report, cyber threat intelligence professionals believe they could not find private data leaked from their organizations on the dark web.  Most security professionals in US organizations are concerned about threats from the dark web, a large portion still do not take risks from the criminal underground seriously.  A recent survey shows that a third of people responsible for managing cyber vulnerabilities in their day-to-day work say they are not very concerned about threats

10622735858?profile=RESIZE_400xThe cyber division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has published a notification, warning US colleges and universities that education and learning qualifications have been marketed for sale on the Dark Web and on online legal marketplaces and sites.  The warning targets universities, colleges, and higher education institutions that credentials have been advertised for sale on Dark Web criminal marketplaces. This exposure of sensitive credential and network access information, especia

9917755254?profile=RESIZE_400xResearchers have found that 1.5 million dark web payment card data belong to US citizens.  Visa cards were the most frequent, with 913,955 found on the darknet, followed by Mastercard with 406,851 cards and American Express with over 143,836.  And, Australia and Hong Kong were the next most affected places, with details on 419,806 and 399,537 cards found, respectively.  According to research, a card's vulnerability depends on the proportion of non-refundable cards, the country's population, and

9741553061?profile=RESIZE_400xFederal law enforcement officials announced on 26 October 2021 that a wide-ranging, global illicit drug crackdown yielded 150 arrests and the seizure of more than $31.6 million in cash and virtual currencies.  The 10-month law enforcement initiative called Operation Dark HunTOR, after the encrypted Internet tool, was conducted in partnership with international counterparts.  The operation produced 234 kilograms (500 lbs.) of seized drugs.  Of those arrested, 65 were in the US and the remaining w

9246407257?profile=RESIZE_192XAfter 500 million LinkedIn users were affected in a data-scraping incident in April 2021, it has happened again with big security consequences.  A new posting with 700 million LinkedIn records has appeared on a popular hacker forum.  Analysts from Privacy Sharks found the data put up for sale on RaidForums by a hacker calling himself “GOD User TomLiner.”  The dark web advertisement, posted 22 June 2021, claims that 700 million records are included in the cache, and included a sample of 1 million

8082894658?profile=RESIZE_400xThere is no shortage of places within the Internet's dark market where stolen credit and debit card information is sold.  Most of them, truth be told, are criminal chancers trading in recycled data from old breaches; bargains are to be held for fraudsters willing to take a gamble that some of the bundle of payment cards they have bought will actually be usable.  Not only is it the biggest, but Joker's Stash, which was established in 2014, prides itself on traders selling the "freshest" of paymen