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10970905059?profile=RESIZE_400xIn 2015, ISIS conducted a series of coordinated attacks around Paris that killed 130 people and wounded nearly 500 more. Two years later, 39 people were killed in an ISIS attack on an Istanbul nightclub during the early hours of New Year’s Day.  This week, the US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a pair of cases arising from those attacks.  The justices’ decisions in Gonzalez v. Google and Twitter v. Taamneh could reshape legal liability for some of the nation’s largest technology compan

10894405054?profile=RESIZE_400xA hacker has leaked 5.3 million Twitter account details on a cybercrime forum while another researcher, Chad Loder, claims there is another Twitter breach involving “perhaps over 100 million accounts.”

On 7 August 2022, reported a story detailing a Twitter data breach involving 5.4 million accounts.  Now, the very same data has been leaked on a hacker forum which surfaced as an alternative to popular and now-sized Raidforums.

10894405257?profile=RESIZE_584xThe data is currently available for download (Screenshot

10878390288?profile=RESIZE_400xImpending doom looked foreseeable with Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of Twitter and began to show early on even before the billionaire completed his purchase.  From the daily tit-for-tat on his Twitter acquisition stance, it became apparent to some that that Musk’s indecisive nature foretold an ominous future for Twitter.  However, the actual chaos ensued just hours after Musk became the largest stakeholder in the bird app.  From his plan to grant a “blue tick” verification symbol to anyon

10529482293?profile=RESIZE_400xSeems Twitter is having many serious issues of late.  A few months ago, Elon Musk started a whirlwind inside and outside the social media giant.  Now regulators at the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued regulatory action against Twitter.  Twitter has agreed to pay $150 million for violating a 2011 administrative order with the FTC over how it used the email addresses and phone numbers of its users for targeted advertising, the agency announced with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) on May

10065313865?profile=RESIZE_400xA Twitter spokesman has said it is firing Peiter Zatko, the network security expert it hired in November 2020 as head of security. Changes in the composition of Twitter's security team followed "an assessment of how the organization was being led," according to a company memo.  Zatko, known by the handle "Mudge," gained fame as a member of the Cult of the Dead Cow ethical hacking collective in the 1990s and later moved to top cybersecurity research positions at the Defense Advanced Research and


On 1 May 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed “Internet sovereignty” bill.  New requirements to use ISPs to track traffic origin will likely force traffic decryption and support of internal censorship efforts.  In the future, Russia will develop its own DNS system to conduct special Internet controls.  Currently, LinkedIn is banned in Russia.  Russian national payment system, Mir, was developed after several Russian banks were denied services by US-based Visa and MasterCard.  Future st