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10878390288?profile=RESIZE_400xImpending doom looked foreseeable with Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of Twitter and began to show early on even before the billionaire completed his purchase.  From the daily tit-for-tat on his Twitter acquisition stance, it became apparent to some that that Musk’s indecisive nature foretold an ominous future for Twitter.  However, the actual chaos ensued just hours after Musk became the largest stakeholder in the bird app.  From his plan to grant a “blue tick” verification symbol to anyon

10783772893?profile=RESIZE_400xTesla is set to unveil a new humanoid robot, Optimus, in late September 2022.  There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Tesla's strategy in entering the robotics market, and a recent post by Elon Musk sheds some new light.

In the post, published in China's Cyberspace Administration's official publication, Musk continued to make the point underlined since announcing the Tesla Bot project in 2021: That Tesla, because of its major investments in autonomous driving, is arguably the biggest ro