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12701959081?profile=RESIZE_400xAI is fueling a lot of wild ideas for our tech-driven future.  If everything pans out, we will not have to write our own essays, take our notes, or drive our cars.   But with AI’s rapid growth, it is hard not to give at least some of those lofty visions credence, even the most sci-fi ones, even Star Wars-level humanoid robots.  There are a lot of humanoid bots now and a lot more seemingly on the way, Figure’s AI robot, Unitree’s speed demon, Agility’s workhorse, but arguably most important of al

12437207485?profile=RESIZE_400xTesla's humanoid robot, Optimus, is still in the lab, but it may be ready to sell by the end of next year, Chief Executive Elon Musk said on 22 April 2024. Musk told investors on a conference call that he guessed the robot would be able to perform tasks in the factory by the end of this year. Musk has said that robot sales could become a larger part of the Tesla business than other segments, including car manufacturing.

Several companies have been betting on humanoid robots to meet potential lab

12404699471?profile=RESIZE_400xMost attempts at building a humanoid robot, such as Tesla's Optimus, focus on assisting humans with physical, manual tasks. A company called Figure,, is among the AI robotics startups unsatisfied with just movement.  The figure is trying to take its humanoid robots to the next level by integrating language, and the results are quite impressive.  The figure has designed their robots for the human world, using the human form.  Their robot, Figure 1, combines the human form's

12385770266?profile=RESIZE_400xMaria Reznikova and her associates at Maria Concetto Winery are into gadgets.  Their Calistoga tasting room features “levitating” wine bottle holders, spinning top-like decanters, small drones, a 3D wine bottle hologram sign, a karaoke machine and a replica of a 1922 Model T Ford parked out front.  But the most notable is RobinoVino, their wine serving robot sommelier.  Working with an engineering friend, Reznikova commissioned RobinoVino, described as “the world’s first” such robot sommelier. M

12189842464?profile=RESIZE_400xI just returned from visiting family and friends in the Cleveland Ohio area.  One Saturday morning, I stopped for coffee at a Starbucks, located at Croker Park shopping center.  This shopping tends to attract high-end shoppers.  I was there only because I was meeting a friend who lived nearby.  I’m far from a high-end shopper.  I then saw a robot cruise by and had to take a pic of this futuristic “security guard.”

A robot designed to fight crime and keep citizens safe in Westlake Ohio, was unvei

10947185877?profile=RESIZE_400xDandy Technology is committed to saving your lawn and back from weeds.  The new Dandy DT-01 and Dandy DT-01XL are lawn care robots designed for residential customers with up to one acre of coverage area, especially those looking to limit herbicide use.  This robot automatically solves two top gardening problems: removing weeds and reducing the amount of harmful chemicals used at home.

The Dandy DT-01 uses AI and visual processing technology to distinguish up to 95% of common broadleaf weeds from