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12701959081?profile=RESIZE_400xAI is fueling a lot of wild ideas for our tech-driven future.  If everything pans out, we will not have to write our own essays, take our notes, or drive our cars.   But with AI’s rapid growth, it is hard not to give at least some of those lofty visions credence, even the most sci-fi ones, even Star Wars-level humanoid robots.  There are a lot of humanoid bots now and a lot more seemingly on the way, Figure’s AI robot, Unitree’s speed demon, Agility’s workhorse, but arguably most important of al

10783772893?profile=RESIZE_400xTesla is set to unveil a new humanoid robot, Optimus, in late September 2022.  There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Tesla's strategy in entering the robotics market, and a recent post by Elon Musk sheds some new light.

In the post, published in China's Cyberspace Administration's official publication, Musk continued to make the point underlined since announcing the Tesla Bot project in 2021: That Tesla, because of its major investments in autonomous driving, is arguably the biggest ro