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10570671892?profile=RESIZE_400xRecently, a researcher has shown how a simple key card feature introduced by Tesla last year could be abused to add an unauthorized key that allows an attacker to open and start a vehicle.  The research was conducted by an Austria-based member of the Trifinite research group, which focuses on Bluetooth security.  Https://trifinite.ord   

The Trifinite Group was founded in August 2004 and it is a loosely coupled group of computer experts that focuses on researching wireless communications and rel

10070957501?profile=RESIZE_400xA 19-year-old security researcher said he was able to hack into over 25 Teslas from around the world.  Recently the young hacker published a blog post explaining how he was able to remotely hack into the cars via security bugs in TeslaMate, a popular open source logging tool that tracks anything from the Tesla's energy consumption to location history.  The teenager hails from Dinkelsbühl, Germany and first revealed news of the vulnerability on Twitter earlier in January, but waited to fully deta