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Big-data analytics firm Databricks Inc. has emerged as an unlikely player in the generative artificial intelligence space. Databricks is open-sourcing a new AI model that it claims is “as magical as ChatGPT,” despite being trained on far less data in less than three hours using a single machine.

Databricks announced in a blog post today that it’s making what it calls ‘Dolly’ available for anyone to use, for any purpose, as an open-source model, together with all its training code and instruction

11004871290?profile=RESIZE_400xThe malware downloader BATLOADER has been observed abusing Google ADs to deliver secondary payloads like Vidar Stealer and Ursnif.  According to cybersecurity researchers, malicious ads are used to spoof a wide range of legitimate apps and services, such as Adobe, OpenAPI's ChatGPT, Spotify, Tableau, and Zoom.  BATLOADER, as the name suggests, is a loader responsible for distributing next-stage malware such as information stealers, banking malware, Cobalt Strike, and even ransomware.

See:  https

11001080665?profile=RESIZE_400xGoogle has launched Bard, yes Bard, the search giant’s answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing Chat.  Unlike Bing Chat, Bard does not look up search results, all the information it returns is generated by the model itself.  But it is still designed to help users brainstorm and answer queries.  Google wants Bard to become an integral part of the Google Search experience.

In a recent live demo, Google demonstrated that Bard came up with ideas for a child’s bunny-themed birthday party and g

10997392868?profile=RESIZE_400xMost of us have had or heard from a friend who has been the target of an email scammer pretending to be a friend in distress who needs money wired out of town or out of the country.  Now scammers are using the telephone to inform you that your loved one is in distress.  And the caller may sound “just like” your friend/relative. At that moment, your instinct would be to do anything to help them escape danger, including wiring money.  My father was a victim of such a scam, but he called me first f

10995134480?profile=RESIZE_400xRecorded Future: ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence (AI) laboratory based in the US, which uses the GPT-3 family of autoregressive (AR) language models. ChatGPT launched on November 30, 2022, and has been subject to widespread attention. Among the potential advantages of ChatGPT, we have also identified several potential use cases ripe for abuse. While ChatGPT has the potential to be abused by nation-state actors to enable cyberespionage, information operations

10993893888?profile=RESIZE_400xInterested in using ChatGPT?  It’s all the rage.  Information and instructions can be found here:  You can establish and account and begin using the service.  The following is an easy way to learn and understand its capabilities.[1]


ChatGPT's advanced capabilities have created a huge demand, with the 'app' accumulating over 100 million users within two months of launching. One of the biggest standout featu

10973798685?profile=RESIZE_400xTechnology has long been seen as a source of disruption to our lives, communities, and civilizations, provoking disruptive change at all scales, from individuals' routine daily activities to dramatic competition between global superpowers.  This disruption can have positive and negative effects, although often unevenly distributed across different groups.  New technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Quantum computing, ChatGPT, and social media, have transformed the intelligence communit


A few years ago, Red Sky Alliance announced a new service named “Rocket Jot.”  The service allowed a user to enter some/any topic terms, and in less than a minute, a complete written report was delivered in Word format to the user.  The report often sounded a little like “robot speech” but was still complete and could be the basis for a “better” report with some grammar checking and additional sentences.  It also delivered a complete list of sources used for the report.  We offered the service

10928760852?profile=RESIZE_400xAt the end of November 2022, OpenAI released ChatGPT, the new interface for its Large Language Model (LLM), which instantly created a flurry of interest in AI and its possible uses.  However, ChatGPT has also added some spice to the modern cyber threat landscape as it quickly became apparent that code generation can help less-skilled threat actors effortlessly launch cyber-attacks.

Check Point Research’s (CPR) previously reported and described how ChatGPT successfully conducted a full infection