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12701398287?profile=RESIZE_400xChatGPT-maker OpenAI was hit by a cyberattack in 2023.  The threat actors were able to access internal discussions among researchers and other employees.  Corporate espionage?  According to media sources, the company had neither publicly disclosed the attack or informed the law enforcement authorities back then.  The breach was only made known among employees back in April 2023 during an internal meeting because its source code and customer data were not compromised. Affected data mostly include

12291543891?profile=RESIZE_400xChatGPT subscribers who want to learn about OpenAI's custom GPT chatbots can now test some of them.  At its Dev Day event on 06 November 2023, the company revealed that subscribers could create their own ChatGPT chatbots for specific tasks.  Though that option is not yet available, 16 GPTs made by OpenAI are available for users to see how they work.  Interested parties will find a Tech Support Advisor to assist you with tech issues, a Negotiator to help you advocate for yourself, and a Sous Chef

10997392868?profile=RESIZE_400xMost of us have had or heard from a friend who has been the target of an email scammer pretending to be a friend in distress who needs money wired out of town or out of the country.  Now scammers are using the telephone to inform you that your loved one is in distress.  And the caller may sound “just like” your friend/relative. At that moment, your instinct would be to do anything to help them escape danger, including wiring money.  My father was a victim of such a scam, but he called me first f