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8354614496?profile=RESIZE_400xRegarding cybersecurity, misconfigurations can create exploitable issues that can cause vulnerabilities later.  The following are some common-sense security misconfigurations that can easily be avoided.[1]

Development permissions that do not get changed when something goes live.  For example, AWS S3 buckets are often assigned permissive access while development is going on.  The issues arise when security reviews are not carefully performed prior to pushing the code live, no matter if that push

6643007679?profile=RESIZE_400xI have written about Phishing before and I will continue to warn friends and colleagues about phishing and their tactics.  Phishing is the start of almost all serious cyber breaches.  In early 2020, cloud security expert, Wandera, revealed in its Mobile Threat Landscape Report that a new phishing campaign is launched every 20 seconds.  Twenty seconds equates to three additional phishing sites designed to target users in every minute.  However, this number no longer applies during COVID-19 times.