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10948475876?profile=RESIZE_400xA Swiss hacker says she found a copy of the FBI's "no-fly" list on an unsecured server.  The 2019 list, with over 1.5 million entries, includes an overwhelming number of Muslim passengers.  The server, maintained by CommuteAir, also held private employee data, such as passport numbers.  The FBI Terrorism Screening Center's secret "no-fly" list just got a lot less mysterious thanks to a bored Swiss hacker who was exploring unsecured servers in her free time.

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The Japanese auto company Nissan has sent out breach notification letters to thousands of customers to inform them of a leak of personal information (pii) through a third-party vendor.  The car company said it was notified on 21 June 2022 that names, dates of birth, and account numbers for Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation, an indirect lender that helps people finance or lease Nissan vehicles, were exposed after it provided the customer information to an unnamed third party “for software testi

10943595072?profile=RESIZE_400xThird-party administrator of insurance products Bay Bridge Administrators (BBA)  https://www.bbadmin.com is informing roughly 250,000 individuals that their personal information might have been compromised in a September 2022 data breach.  Bay Bridge Administrators is a full- service, nationally-recognized, third party administrator of fully-insured employee benefit plans.  Representing top-rated insurance companies, Bay Bridge fills a niche market in the insurance industry by entering into agre

10927592880?profile=RESIZE_400xA few years ago, while visiting old friends in a major metropolitan midwestern city where I grew up, I had the chance to meet an old friend who was working part-time as an IT consultant for a city suburb.  This city had its own network and a municipal level court system network.  He told me they were hit three times in the recent past by hackers.  I asked if any law enforcement agency investigated it and his answer was, “no, we back-up our data every evening and just recovered the following day.

9785334474?profile=RESIZE_400xRobinhood was known for “Stealing from the Rich, and Giving to the Poor.”  Not so in the last two years.  For the second time Robinhood Markets Inc. has been attacked by cyber criminals.  Robinhood said personal information of about 7 million people, which is approximately a third of its customers, was compromised in a data breach last week.  The bad actors then demanded a ransom payment.  The intruder obtained email addresses of about 5 million people as well as full names for a separate group

9107675697?profile=RESIZE_400xAs more cities see their police departments targeted with ransomware attacks, some analysts are voicing concerns that the attacks, which could lead to inaccessible systems and potentially compromised evidence, could impede criminal prosecutions.   

Among the latest developments, the police department in the City of Azusa, Arizona, recently reported that it had been hit by ransomware in March 2021, resulting in the compromise of personally identifiable information (pii), including Social Security