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12434588286?profile=RESIZE_400xSince March 2023, Akira ransomware has impacted a wide range of businesses and critical infrastructure entities in North America, Europe, and Australia.  In April 2023, following an initial focus on Windows systems, Akira threat actors deployed a Linux variant targeting VMware ESXi virtual machines. As of 1 January 2024, the ransomware group has impacted over 250 organizations and claimed approximately $42 million USD in ransomware proceeds.

Early versions of the Akira ransomware variant were wr

12368052452?profile=RESIZE_400xAlbabat, also known as White Bat, is a financially motivated ransomware variant written in Rust that identifies and encrypts files important to the user and demands a ransom to release them.  It first appeared in November 2023 with the variant Version 0.1.0. Version 0.3.0 was released in late December, followed by version 0.3.3 in mid-January 2024.

Link to full report: IR-24-029-001_WhiteBat.pdf

12239425294?profile=RESIZE_400xIn 1923, the Soviet Union created the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast (an oblast is an administrative region or province) within the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.  This oblast has a 95% ethnically Armenian population.  In 1988, Nagorno-Karabakh intended to leave Azerbaijan and join the neighboring Republic of Armenia.  While the Soviet Union was able to keep the resulting tension under control, once the USSR began to collapse, armed conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia began for co

12218522252?profile=RESIZE_400xOur friends at FortiGuard Labs, recently detected a new injector written in Rust—one of the fastest-growing programming languages—to inject shellcode and introduce XWorm into a victim’s environment.  While Rust is relatively uncommon in malware development, several campaigns have adopted this language since 2019, including Buer loaderHive, and RansomExx.  FortiGuard Labs analysis also revealed a significant increase in injector activity during May 2023, where the shellcode can be encoded with

9909597089?profile=RESIZE_400xThe new ransomware operation, which debuted in November 2021, has the potential to be the most sophisticated ransomware of the year, with a highly adjustable feature set that allows for assaults on a wide range of corporate setups. Details have emerged about what is the first Rust language based ransomware strain identified that has already amassed "some victims from different countries" since its launch last month.

The ransomware, now named BlackCat, was disclosed by MalwareHunterTeam  https://

9446943067?profile=RESIZE_400xAn emerging information-stealing malware, sold and distributed on underground Russian underground forums has been written in Rust, is signaling a new trend where threat actors are increasingly adopting exotic programming languages to bypass security protections, evade analysis, and hamper reverse engineering efforts.  Rust is a multi-paradigm, high-level, general-purpose programming language designed for performance and safety, especially safe concurrency.  Rust is syntactically similar to C++ b