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On 5 October 2021, an anonymous user on the 4chan technology board posted claiming to have a large data breach of Twitch proprietary code.  Watch our REDSHORT Webinar. The user called out Twitch for being a “toxic community,” ending its post with #DoBetterTwitch (a variation of the trending TwitchDoBetter hashtag responding to the ‘Twitch Hate Raids’).

The post briefly describes content found in leak data, including source code for Twitch and other products and Streamer payout data.



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9605306285?profile=RESIZE_400xWith approximately 90% of all finished and bulk products traveling through maritime ports, it is a bit unnerving that a major US port network was breached.  The US Coast Guard recently reported that a suspected foreign government-backed hackers breached a computer network at the Port of Houston, one of the largest ports on the US Gulf Coast.  Early detection of the incident last month resulted in the cyber criminals stopping any disruption of shipping operations. 

The incident at the Port of Hou

3918168862?profile=RESIZE_710xFrom Script Kiddies hackers and sophisticated Cybercriminals, to at times even State sponsored professional hackers; all are bent on the failure of consumers and companies to properly protect themselves.  Different motives, but all the same outcome of network disruption and financial ruin.  Weak passwords, vulnerabilities in software and systems, exposed sensitive information, all of these can lead a hacker to compromise your accounts and data.  Recent reporting from our Red Sky Alliance securit