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On 5 October 2021, an anonymous user on the 4chan technology board posted claiming to have a large data breach of Twitch proprietary code.  Watch our REDSHORT Webinar. The user called out Twitch for being a “toxic community,” ending its post with #DoBetterTwitch (a variation of the trending TwitchDoBetter hashtag responding to the ‘Twitch Hate Raids’).

The post briefly describes content found in leak data, including source code for Twitch and other products and Streamer payout data.



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8369172900?profile=RESIZE_400xActivity Summary - Week Ending 31 December 2020:

  • Red Sky Alliance identified 22,558 connections from new unique IP addresses
  • Analysts identified 2,589 new IP addresses participating in various Botnets
  • 52 unique email accounts were observed compromised with Keyloggers
  • NZBGeek hit
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  • Auchtung - Funke Mediengruppe und Doppelpaymer
  • Social Media and Hacking
  • Victor Gevers, “yourefired”
  • Twitch has a sever Itch, or Worse
  • Cuban Artists and Social Media Protests
  • Activists using s