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12437208287?profile=RESIZE_400xEuropean Police Chiefs said that the complementary partnership between law enforcement agencies and the technology industry is at risk due to End-to-End Encryption (E2EE).  They called on the industry and governments to take urgent action to ensure public safety across social media platforms. "Privacy measures currently being rolled out, such as End-to-End Encryption, will stop tech companies from seeing any offending that occurs on their platforms," Europol said.  "It will also stop law enforce

10993499496?profile=RESIZE_400xIn early September of 2022, we reported on a security incident that occurred at LastPass in late August.  As a reminder, LastPass is a password manager, which is software intended to facilitate encrypted password storage with easy retrieval.  Other popular password managers include BitWarden, Dashlane, and 1Password.  LastPass is very possible among the more well-known password managers and has had several security incidents even before the incident we reported on in September.  Unfortunately, t

10953925294?profile=RESIZE_400xThe end of encryption, also called the “Cryptopocalypse,” is the point at which quantum computing becomes powerful enough to use Shor’s algorithm to crack PKI encryption. Since public key encryption is used to secure almost all data in transit, both between separate IT infrastructures and even within individual infrastructures, that data will become accessible by anyone with a sufficiently powerful quantum computer. Shor’s algorithm is a quantum computer algorithm for finding the prime factors o

10802052669?profile=RESIZE_400xAt its core, LastPass is a password manager.  A password manager is a software service that allows users to store encrypted passwords so they can be accessed easily when they are needed.  LastPass is indeed very popular, but it is only one of many widely known password managers, each with their own features, advantages, and disadvantages.  Other commonly known password managers include BitWarden, Dashlane, 1Password.

The apparent necessity for password managers has been prompted by the fact that


Data stored and transmitted by devices today are often sensitive in nature. This includes data relating to both the users and the enterprise. It is important that device data is properly protected so that an attacker cannot read or modify it. As well as appropriately protected, so that it is not stolen or tampered with. Without data encryption, all our digital information would be available to everyone. Cyberattacks today are disastrous for both corporations and individuals.

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10527274277?profile=RESIZE_400xA new cryptographic era is beginning where quantum computing will be able to break the encryption that underpins our entire digital society, this warning coming from Ms. Anne Dames, distinguished engineer at IBM.[1]  Speaking at an IBM press tour in Poughkeepsie, New York last, where Dames told journalists that “there’s a lot to be concerned about” when it comes to the potential threat of quantum attacks.  “We believe there will be a time when quantum computers can break the cryptographic protec

10266909088?profile=RESIZE_400xRansomware is a constant thorn in the side of cyber security professionals worldwide.  Hive Ransomware stormed onto the scene in June of 2021 and in their first six months, from June to December of 2021 they managed to compromise 355 companies.  The group made headlines for targeting IT, real estate, and healthcare organizations, prompting an FBI Alert sharing the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) associated with the group in late August.

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