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8925651266?profile=RESIZE_400xThe REvil ransomware community is one of a new generation of 'Ransomware-as-a-Service' (Raas) businesses. Their core team of developers creates the ransomware, while their "affiliates" spread it to the devices. The developers receive a 20-30% share of any good ransomware attack's earnings, while associates receive a 70-80% payout.Groupe Reorev claims to have had 400GB of confidential data stolen by the new ransomware community known as "LV." Few sample documents have been leaked by the actors, b

8837809854?profile=RESIZE_400xFirst spotted in 2018, the Cl0p ransomware gang is one of the most active groups to date. Over the past three years, Cl0p has shifted from solely ransomware, to the emerging trend of both encrypting victim’s files as well as threatening to publish them online in order to extort payment. Even companies who are not hit directly by this group risk losing sensitive data if a member of their supply chain hosts/stores sensitive data on the supply chain...

Read the full report here: IR-21-116-001-Cl0p


The following is an overview over the popular Dread mega forum and its various (sub)sections as well as identifying potential areas of concern for cyber security specialists and companies alike. High-potential targets as well as their means of communication are being discussed and traced (as reliably as possible). Being a mega forum, Dread hosts a variety of sub forums that distinguish themselves on several dimensions, such as topic (e.g. exchange of leaked data, hacking services, drugs, etc.)