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10879113465?profile=RESIZE_400xThe internet opened the door to a realm of possibilities that permanently changed the business and social landscape and our personal lives.  Most users are no longer restricted to dial-up; many of us now consider access to a stable internet connection as a critical aspect of our daily lives. We pay our bills online, check our bank statements, communicate via email, and maintain a presence on social media.  Many users rely on the web for work and entertainment, and seeking out information through

10438978052?profile=RESIZE_400xAdaptive security is a cybersecurity model made up of four phases, prediction, prevention, detection, and response.  The process was developed in response to the de-centralization of IT ecosystems to accommodate hybrid working environments and the porting of systems to the cloud.

The perimeter that once defined a network no longer exists.  Organizations are leveraging cloud technology and shifting towards hybrid work environments.  The de-centralization of IT ecosystems is becoming increasingly

9259840279?profile=RESIZE_400xDie Zahl der registrierten Cyberkriminalität steigt im deutschen Cyberspace weiter an, wobei sich Cyberkriminelle zunehmend auf "größere Beute" konzentrieren.  Die Zahl der DDoS-Attacken nimmt weiter zu, ebenso deren Intensität.  Die Täter sind global vernetzt und agieren mit zunehmender Geschicklichkeit und Professionalität.  Die Dark-Web-Underground-Economy wächst und stellt eine kriminelle, globale Parallelökonomie dar, die primär auf finanziellen Profit aus ist.  Haupttreiber des Profits ist

9249231500?profile=RESIZE_400xThe number of recorded cybercrimes continues to rise in the German cyberspace, with cybercriminals focusing increasingly on “larger prey.” The number of DDoS attacks continues to rise, as is their intensity. The perpetrators are globally networked and are acting with increasing skill and professionalism. The dark web underground economy is growing and represents a criminal, global parallel economy, which is primarily seeking financial profit. The main driver of profit is still Ransomware, posing