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Amid the steady onslaught of costly ransomware and other attacks, cyber insurance is more important than ever for businesses.  A company can implement proper security controls and meet regulatory mandates, but breaches still happen and when they do, cyber insurance can be a vital tool to help a business recover quickly.  However, it's also becoming more expensive, complicated and challenging to get.

According to Fitch Ratings, cyber insurance is the fastest-growing segment of the US property/ca

10438978052?profile=RESIZE_400xAdaptive security is a cybersecurity model made up of four phases, prediction, prevention, detection, and response.  The process was developed in response to the de-centralization of IT ecosystems to accommodate hybrid working environments and the porting of systems to the cloud.

The perimeter that once defined a network no longer exists.  Organizations are leveraging cloud technology and shifting towards hybrid work environments.  The de-centralization of IT ecosystems is becoming increasingly

10406792681?profile=RESIZE_400xOur weekly Cyber Threats & Vulnerabilities Report is provided to our Red Sky Alliance Members to consolidate both prominent government and private cyber security reporting which include descriptions (TTPs), indicators of compromise (IoCs) and at times remediation directions.   

Link to full Intelligence Report : IR-22-111-001_IntelSummary111.pdf

10294782079?profile=RESIZE_400xAt the onset of the Civil War, a man whose name would eventually become synonymous with famous American detectives was reportedly providing false reports to the Union’s top general.  Allan Pinkerton, who once successfully smuggled Abraham Lincoln into Washington, DC to avoid a rumored assassination attempt before he was even sworn in as president, acted as General George McClellan’s top intelligence officer.  He was considered one of the best spymasters in the United States, responsible for effe

9278913070?profile=RESIZE_400xCOVID-19 has changed many companies’ hybrid work force procedures, but with vaccines reaching new heights, many workers are returning to their offices.  As the US opens back up and employees get back in the offices, violence and physical threats to businesses are being seen at an unsettling, record-high pace, according to the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence.

The study showcases the collective perspectives of physical security directors, physical security decision-makers, chief security