cyber intelligence (3)

10855623668?profile=RESIZE_400xAs a young intelligence officer, if you had told me an adversary could act anonymously and alone, easily acquire the most advanced weaponry, disrupt or take down almost any “connected” target globally, and our ability to prevent these attacks was systemically flawed – I would have been astonished.  As always, all adversaries integrate intention, capability, and opportunity.  With cyber warfare, a breadth of adversaries and individuals can bring to bear all three by continuously aiming at the U.S

9629233486?profile=RESIZE_400xCybersecurity is always low on upper management's priorities during a merger or acquisition, but it shouldn’t be.  "Companies that are being bought and sold are often prime targets for cyberattacks," explained the CEO of cybersecurity solutions provider Industrial Defender, during a recent interview.[1] "By enacting Operational Technology (and proactive cyber intelligence) security measures, organizations can avoid an exciting company milestone from becoming an infrastructure and security nightm