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10834317652?profile=RESIZE_400xThe amount of computing power we can now squeeze into the smallest of devices is somewhat remarkable compared with what was achievable a decade ago.  Looking back even five or so years and a consumer desktop system that was the best in its class would be deemed outdated if put into a smartphone of today’s standards.  This is made possible simply because chip makers can increase the number of transistors on a chip significantly every year as developments in chip research advance.[1]

Back in 1965,

10294782079?profile=RESIZE_400xAt the onset of the Civil War, a man whose name would eventually become synonymous with famous American detectives was reportedly providing false reports to the Union’s top general.  Allan Pinkerton, who once successfully smuggled Abraham Lincoln into Washington, DC to avoid a rumored assassination attempt before he was even sworn in as president, acted as General George McClellan’s top intelligence officer.  He was considered one of the best spymasters in the United States, responsible for effe