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8996906096?profile=RESIZE_400xAstro, Xing, and Mount Locker Teams appear to beworking together to target their victims inransomware attacks. This new type ofransomware threat is effective and strengthenedby coordinated efforts of these threat groups.Researchers foresee a potential new wave ofattacks targeting companies with a weakcybersecurity infrastructure.The Xing (Star) team, being the newest to the darkweb leaks scene, has quickly leaked the data of numerous different companies.Both the Astro Team and Star Team use the

8984884893?profile=RESIZE_400xBitPaymer ist eine neue Ransomware-Variante, die im Jahr 2019 entdeckt wurde. Ab Juni 2019 war diese neue Version für eine Reihe von Ransomware-Angriffen verantwortlich, darunter Angriffe auf den Wahlausschuss von Georgia, die Stadt Edcouch, Texas, und das chilenische Landwirtschaftsministerium. Sie wurde inzwischen DopplePaymer getauft, weil sie Code mit der BitPaymer-Ransomware von INDRIK SPIDER teilt. Es gibt jedoch einige Diskrepanzen zwischen DopplePaymer und BitPaymer, was darauf hindeuten

8907304696?profile=RESIZE_400xBitPaymer is a new ransomware variant that has been discovered in 2019. Beginning in June 2019, this new version was responsible for a string of ransomware attacks, including attacks on the Georgia Election Committee, City of Edcouch, Texas, and the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture. It has since been dubbedDopplePaymer because it shares a lot of code with INDRIK SPIDER's BitPaymer ransomware.

However, there are some discrepancies between DopplePaymerand BitPaymer, which may indicate that one or m