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12391833857?profile=RESIZE_400xOver the past several years, organizations have been engaged in expanding their multi-edge networking strategies to not only enable new work-from-anywhere (WFA) realities but also support workers as they become increasingly dependent on cloud applications and environments to do their jobs.  However, as these networks grow to meet new business demands, the attack surface increases.[1]

The result is a growing gap between network functionality and security coverage that not only inherently exposes

12324084900?profile=RESIZE_400xRansomware isn’t new, yet organizations still struggle to guard against this threat.  According to the Fortinet 2023 Global Ransomware Report, in 12 months, two-thirds of organizations were targeted by ransomware, with half of those falling victim to an attack.  As attackers advance their tactics, security and IT leaders must prepare for the inevitability of a ransomware attack.  It is no longer a matter of “if” a business will be breached but “when.”  Along with business leaders, those in the C