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8196181261?profile=RESIZE_400xDistributed denial-of-service attacks target websites and online services. The aim is to overwhelm them with more traffic than the server or network can accommodate. The goal is to render the website or service inoperable.  The traffic can consist of incoming messages, requests for connections, or fake packets. In some cases, the targeted victims are threatened with a DDoS attack or attacked at a low level.

DDoS attacks have not been in the spotlight this year, due the onslaught of high dollar a

8080252671?profile=RESIZE_180x180A Mac or iPad appearing on your organization’s network may not be cause for concern at first.  But when did it join the network? What is it doing? Is it the only one?  These questions can help discern a benign connected device from a malicious product trying to infiltrate an organization.

"The number of unmanaged devices has pretty much exploded in the last five years," said the head of threat research at Awake Security.  More people are connecting to corporate networks with devices that are not


Mirai is a self-propagating malware that infects networked devices and turns them into remotely controlled bots.  Targets include devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) such as IP cameras and home routers and access is achieved with either software exploits or via authentication with factory default credentials. Mirai is frequently updated to include new exploits making it difficult to mitigate.

This report provides cluster trending on infrastructure over the past several weeks from this repor