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12253859258?profile=RESIZE_400xRed Sky Alliance has long presented evident of China’s modern-day Silk Road initiatives.  Much of the Chinese targets were in Africa; many tying in cyber as the linkage.  Below is a good exposé by Sentinel Labs.  In the evolving cyber threat landscape, it’s always important to constantly challenge our biases.  There are large pockets of important threat activity occurring in regions around the world less commonly addressed in Western threat research.  While much attention has rightfully been dra

10829660692?profile=RESIZE_400xRed Sky Alliance has been supporting cyber security prevention for years.  Prevention works and need to be employed to all cyber defenses.  Cyber-attacks know no boundaries.  They happen everywhere – even in Africa.  Companies are confronted with the increasingly difficult task of safeguarding their expanded digital estate against rising cyber threats. Previously, they'd implement security processes based on the physical network boundary, which was limited to their official premises.

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9822278874?profile=RESIZE_400xCybersecurity threats, risks and challenges are often different depending on various international locations.  Cyber-attack targets vary based on local resources and means to exploit vulnerabilities.  Cyber criminals and nation-state attackers zero in on specific nations, companies and organizations for varying incentives.   Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic amplified and intensified cybersecurity threats.  Since 2019, attackers have launch remote work-enabled attacks or social engineering att