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12701432895?profile=RESIZE_400xThe United Nations' telecommunication agency condemned Russian interference in the satellite systems of several European countries.  Earlier this month, the UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) received a series of complaints from Ukraine, France, Sweden, the Netherlands and Luxembourg about the Kremlin’s alleged satellite interference that has affected GPS signals and television channels.  The ITU reviewed these complaints and published a document Monday calling the practice “extrem

10760199272?profile=RESIZE_400xWe have cautioned on numerous times to, “Let’s the Buyer Beware.”  Online financial scams continue to run rampant, and people keep falling for them.  Researchers have uncovered a huge network of more than 11,000 domains used to promote numerous fake investment schemes to users in Europe.  The platforms show fabricated evidence of enrichment and falsified celebrity endorsements to create an image of legitimacy and lure in a larger number of victims.  The goal of the operation is to trick users in

9822278874?profile=RESIZE_400xCybersecurity threats, risks and challenges are often different depending on various international locations.  Cyber-attack targets vary based on local resources and means to exploit vulnerabilities.  Cyber criminals and nation-state attackers zero in on specific nations, companies and organizations for varying incentives.   Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic amplified and intensified cybersecurity threats.  Since 2019, attackers have launch remote work-enabled attacks or social engineering att