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10012032279?profile=RESIZE_400xActivity Summary - Week Ending on 14 January 2022:

  • Red Sky Alliance identified 24,345 connections from new IP’s checking in with our Sinkholes
  • Microsoft IP’s in UK and N. Ireland hit
  • Analysts identified 1,435 new IP addresses participating in various Botnets
  • Rook Ransomware
  • More Log4j
  • Ukraine Cyber Bust
  • UK NHS
  • Who’s Winning?
  • Google Docs
  • The Electric Grid’s Hot Wires
  • BLM suing LAPD

Link to full report: IR-22-014-001_weekly014.pdf

9077533290?profile=RESIZE_400xActivity Summary - Week Ending 11 June 2021:

  • Red Sky Alliance identified 33,092 connections from new unique IP Addresses
  • Analysts identified 1,485 new IP addresses participating in various Botnets
  • Variations of dnSpy is still being used as a Lure
  • Agent Tesla
  • Phishing Campaigns Targeting NGOs
  • Bing v. Google and Videos
  • Chinese general buys land in TX, why?
  • Cloud service company Fastly, Shut Down
  • SkinnyBoy
  • Quanta Computer – Taiwan
  • Amazon Prime accused of Spying??

Link to full report: IR-

8748776293?profile=RESIZE_400xActivity Summary - Week Ending 2 April 2021:

  • Red Sky Alliance identified 34,034 connections from new unique IP addresses
  • Analysts identified 3,876 new IP addresses participating in various Botnets
  • 20 new unique email accounts compromised with Keyloggers were observed this week
  • Soccer player’s name Berat Can Sonmez is being used to lure Victims
  • EggShell Malware
  • New US-IRS Phishing Campaign
  • WordPress Vulnerabilities
  • ClearURL and Goggle
  • Honeywell and Molson Coors Attacked
  • Manufacturing IT & OT
  • Cyb

8684060481?profile=RESIZE_400xIn addition to the aggravation of having to find the “car” in a series of pictures, a phishing attack targeting Microsoft users leverages a bogus Google reCAPTCHA system.  Microsoft users are being targeted with thousands of phishing emails, in an ongoing attack aiming to steal their Office 365 credentials.  The attackers add an air of legitimacy to the campaign by leveraging a fake Google reCAPTCHA system and top-level domain landing pages that include the logos of victims’ companies.