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12224754080?profile=RESIZE_400xGoogle’s threat hunting unit has again intercepted an active North Korean APT actor sliding into the DMs of security researchers and using zero-days and rigged software tools to take control of their computers.  Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) recently reported the government-backed hacking team’s social media accounts and warned that at least one actively exploited zero-day is being used and is currently unpatched.[1]

See:  https://redskyalliance.org/xindustry/no-good-deed-goes-unpunished

10771960298?profile=RESIZE_400xThe US Department of Treasury placed sanctions on 08 August 2022 regarding Tornado Cash, a leading "crypto mixer" for transactions in virtual currency that US officials describe as a hub for laundering stolen funds, including by North Korean hackers.   The Treasury Department reported Tornado Cash had been used to transfer at least $96 million of funds stolen in June from crypto exchange service Harmony Bridge and another $7.8 million of the nearly $200 million in cryptocurrency hacked from Noma

8872398281?profile=RESIZE_400xAs more web merchants accept cryptocurrencies, the possibilities for theft and fraud will increase.  There will no protections that consumers and businesses have enjoyed that are standard for purchases via credit card.  Hackers with apparent ties to North Korea that hit e-commerce shops in 2019 and 2020 to steal payment card data also tested functionality for stealing cryptocurrency, according to the cybersecurity firm Group-IB.  Group-IB's new report builds on findings published in July 2020 by