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12125871256?profile=RESIZE_400xEarlier this year, threat researchers at Cybersixgill released the annual report, The State of the Cybercrime Underground   

The research stems from an analysis of Cybersixgill's collected intelligence items throughout 2022, gathered from the deep, dark and clear web.  The report examines the continuous evolution of threat actors' tactics, tools, and procedures (TTPs) in the Digital Age and how organizations can adapt to redu

10948566071?profile=RESIZE_400xOn 12 January, Canadian alcohol retail giant LCBO announced that an “unauthorized party embedded malicious code” onto its website in order to steal information from customers in the process of checking out.  Over five days in January, they wrote, customers “may have had their information compromised.”  In fact, the infection was one of several to target LCBO customers in the last month, including an attack that lasted for more than a week that the company has not publicly acknowledged.


10945933054?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Russian invasion of Ukraine in early 2022 appears to have led to a double-digit decrease in stolen payment card records published to the dark web, according to researchers.

In a recent report, investigators analyzed detailed threat intelligence gleaned from the cybercrime underground to compile a report.  It reported a 24% year-on-year decrease in the volume of card-not-present records on dark web carding shops in 2022 to 45.6 million and a 62% slump in card present records, to 13.8 million.

10829724884?profile=RESIZE_400xStealing, skimming and scams are nothing new in the credit card industry.  But a new report by Reason Labs shows new twists to a credit card scam. In 2022, the cybersecurity world is no stranger to phishing attacks, credit card scams, virus distribution, and identity theft.  They are ongoing on a daily basis and we have almost reached the point where we think we have seen it all. However, researchers have just uncovered potentially one of the largest fraudulent online credit card schemes active

8439801081?profile=RESIZE_400xRed Sky Alliance has long reported on the underground carding site – Joker’s Stash (JS).  Well several research firms have identified that JS is ‘goiong out of business.’  Joker’s Stash is reportedly (or was…) the largest underground forum/shop for selling stolen credit card and identity data.  JS is reporting they are closing its shop by the middle of February 2021.  This news was shared after a crazy 2020 for the major cybercrime store, and several weeks after US and European law enforcement a