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10952854294?profile=RESIZE_400xGitHub states that hackers gained access to its code repositories and stole code-signing certificates for two of its desktop apps: Desktop and Atom.  Although attackers exfiltrated a set of encrypted code-signing certificates, these were password-protected, so there is no possibility of malicious use.

GitHub revealed that on 7 December 2022, hackers gained unauthorized access to several of its code repositories and stolen code-signing certificates for two of its desktop apps: Atom and Desktop.  

10945933054?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Russian invasion of Ukraine in early 2022 appears to have led to a double-digit decrease in stolen payment card records published to the dark web, according to researchers.

In a recent report, investigators analyzed detailed threat intelligence gleaned from the cybercrime underground to compile a report.  It reported a 24% year-on-year decrease in the volume of card-not-present records on dark web carding shops in 2022 to 45.6 million and a 62% slump in card present records, to 13.8 million.

8120562100?profile=RESIZE_400xThey say, “Common Sense is Instinct; Enough of it - Genius.”  Let us prove a path toward cyber brilliance.  Cybersecurity hygiene has never been as important as it is today.  At home workers are now doing business remotely, putting in more hours and dealing with new situations they have never experienced.  For many, this change is both stressful and distracting.  These changes have upended the traditional workday and, in many cases, our concentration, which introduces risk.  Even the most securi