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12309911896?profile=RESIZE_400xStaying Connected - Cruise company Carnival Corporation has agreed a partnership with Neuron, formerly ESpace Networks, to implement Neuron’s vendor-neutral connectivity management platform to optimize internet access on its ships.  The move is part of Carnival Corporation’s wider connectivity optimization strategy, which is focused on providing the best available connection at sea.  The Neuron 360 platform provides an end-to-end view of connectivity operations and real-time data to proactively

12280814867?profile=RESIZE_400xIn today’s cyber threat landscape, no single technology can universally fight every attack. Cyber threats are becoming more advanced, and adversaries are more skilled in exploiting vulnerabilities.  Sophos’ Active Adversary Report for Tech Leaders found the overall median dwell time was just eight days in the first half of 2023, decreasing from 10 days in 2022, suggesting threat actors are speeding up and advancing their attacks.

Preventing the most advanced attacks requires human-led threat hun

12269272496?profile=RESIZE_400xAs October is winding down, we turn our focus to Training.  October 2023 marks the 20th annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  While it was initially founded as a national movement in the US, Cybersecurity Awareness Month has since grown into a global initiative.  And for good reason.  Today's cybersecurity market is suffering from a skills gap of 3.4 million trained professionals, with security practitioners being overwhelmed by a continuous onslaught of increasingly sophisticated attacks while

11493412088?profile=RESIZE_400xThe human element is near and dear to my heart in the world of Cyber Security.  As cyberattacks intensify, more and more organizations recognize the need to have a strong security culture for all employees.  This cyber-aware workforce is a necessary addition to a skilled and knowledgeable security team and the use of advanced cybersecurity solutions.  Employees who know how to practice good cyber hygiene are increasingly seen as a crucial line of defense.

Bolstering cyber defenses will be import

11031054063?profile=RESIZE_400xIt is a worrying fact that, while digital technology is transforming both our personal lives and our interactions with companies and government, it is also making us increasingly susceptible to fraud and other crimes.  According to the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Defense Agency, 47% of American adults have had their information exposed online from cyber criminals.  There is no reason to suspect that the picture is much different elsewhere.  Even those organizations that might be

10930207273?profile=RESIZE_400xAfter being in the law enforcement and security profession for over 30 years, I trust very few people.  Maybe it’s just me, but I can be really rude on calls whom I don’t know calling my cell phone.  I don’t subscribe to being like me, but the barrage of suspicious calls, text messages and emails I currently receive seems to have drastically escalated.  All this harassment are social engineering tactics.  A recent article in Forbes highlights the need to play as a team. 

Social engineering attac

10818501281?profile=RESIZE_400xAccording to a recent report, cyber threat intelligence professionals believe they could not find private data leaked from their organizations on the dark web.  Most security professionals in US organizations are concerned about threats from the dark web, a large portion still do not take risks from the criminal underground seriously.  A recent survey shows that a third of people responsible for managing cyber vulnerabilities in their day-to-day work say they are not very concerned about threats

10026999256?profile=RESIZE_400xCybersecurity is more than meets the eye.  Proper security contains several layers, including adequate training and technology, to meet HIPAA compliance guidelines. Healthcare organizations are responsible for implementing robust cybersecurity strategies to prevent cyberattacks.  The healthcare industry claims to prioritize cybersecurity efforts, yet 18% of organizations allocate only 1-2% of their IT budgets to cybersecurity.  Covered entities who choose not to prioritize proper cybersecurity l

Measuring the health of your security awareness program can be tricky. There are many methods you can use to measure the effectiveness of your program and there are virtually infinite metrics you can pull out and interpret in different ways. Let’s explore 3 method / metric combinations that can set a benchmark for your program’s health and increase the confidence your company has in its effectiveness.

4179836625?profile=RESIZE_710xLater yesterday, the US based InfraGard National provided a very valuable link to a Northeastern University site that provides COVID-19 information and prevention on-line training.  Much of this information is provided through the support of John Hopkins University, Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.  We here at Red Sky Alliance would like to provide this very valuable reliable reference source; as “Knowledge is Power.”   Having the proper pr