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7867521488?profile=RESIZE_400xRansomware is here to stay.  Recent alerts from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) report that there is no end in sight.  There are many versions of ransomware in use and group and nations behind the extortion attempts.  These cyber actors are motivated by money.  Ransomware can be described simply as a type of malware from crypto virology that threatens to publish the victim's data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid.  While some simple ransomware

6440209290?profile=RESIZE_400xThere will be no let-up in ransomware attacks, as it has proven to such a profitable business model of cybercriminals.  The cybersecurity landscape is evolving, and many businesses do not understand how to keep their defenses ahead of the attackers.  While major corporations can spend as much as $1 billion a year, many small companies may not have the budget to hire a cybersecurity vendor to help them keep up with all the technology available needed to deter hackers.  The loss of just a few thou

4828537481?profile=RESIZE_400xA British media outlet, The Saturday Telegraph, recently obtained a 15-page research document by the Five Eyes (5E) Intelligence consortium; made up of the UK, US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.  The report outlines an intelligence perspective on the negligence of China with the COVID-19 pandemic.  The report demonstrates the “endangerment of other countries” as the Chinese government covered-up news of the virus by silencing or “disappearing” medical doctors who spoke out, its destroying o

4411740630?profile=RESIZE_400xNew car showrooms are closed.  Inventory is backing up.  Auto dealers are cash strapped and ready to negotiate a good deal, almost any deal.  So, if a person in the market for a new car, in good health and has a solid job (even with the various state “lock downs”), the timing is very good to buy a new car.  Car shopping will currently be electronic, but salespersons are willing to sell cars and reduce their inventories.  If you are a savvy online shopper and ready to negotiate a price by email o

4179836625?profile=RESIZE_710xLater yesterday, the US based InfraGard National provided a very valuable link to a Northeastern University site that provides COVID-19 information and prevention on-line training.  Much of this information is provided through the support of John Hopkins University, Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.  We here at Red Sky Alliance would like to provide this very valuable reliable reference source; as “Knowledge is Power.”   Having the proper pr


As some operations and businesses in the United States and around the world come to a significant slowdown due to COVID-19, many employees are being forced to work from home.  While every-day business operations may slow down, cyber-attacks do not; in fact, we predict - they will increase.  Many companies are implementing BYOD and work-from-home policies on a huge scale.  This presents many more hacking opportunities and creates more vulnerabilities than companies normally manage while e