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8211410658?profile=RESIZE_400xIn the US, many people fear the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  When a US citizen receives any type communication from the IRS, people take notice.  The cyber bad guys know that too and send IRS phishing messages to unwitting US citizens.  In addition to receiving scam voice mails and texts about your Social Security number being at risk, a “credible looking” yet fake, IRS email has been sent to tens of thousands of email inboxes across the US.  The question of authenticity can be explained in

4537443479?profile=RESIZE_400xUS Tax Day has come and gone.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the US has delayed the filing deadline to July 15th.  That is great news for many, AND additionally many taxpayers will be eligible for the US New Economic Stimulus program.  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is now issuing warnings to alert the US public about a flood in Corona Virus-related scams over email, phone calls, or social media requesting personal identifying information (pii) while using the pandemic economic impact paymen