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11493412088?profile=RESIZE_400xThe human element is near and dear to my heart in the world of Cyber Security.  As cyberattacks intensify, more and more organizations recognize the need to have a strong security culture for all employees.  This cyber-aware workforce is a necessary addition to a skilled and knowledgeable security team and the use of advanced cybersecurity solutions.  Employees who know how to practice good cyber hygiene are increasingly seen as a crucial line of defense.

Bolstering cyber defenses will be import

11027495256?profile=RESIZE_400xThis year millions of people have tried and been wowed by artificial-intelligence systems.  That is in no small part thanks to OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT.  When it launched last year, the chatbot became an instant hit among students, many of whom embraced it as a tool to write essays and finish homework.  Some media outlets went as far as to declare that the college essay is dead.  Alarmed by an influx of AI-generated essays, schools around the world moved swiftly to ban the use of the technology.