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11493412088?profile=RESIZE_400xThe human element is near and dear to my heart in the world of Cyber Security.  As cyberattacks intensify, more and more organizations recognize the need to have a strong security culture for all employees.  This cyber-aware workforce is a necessary addition to a skilled and knowledgeable security team and the use of advanced cybersecurity solutions.  Employees who know how to practice good cyber hygiene are increasingly seen as a crucial line of defense.

Bolstering cyber defenses will be important in 2023, as organizations face an ever-evolving threat landscape.  Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs predicts “explosive” growth in Cybercrime-as-a-Service (CaaS); use of machine learning to launder money; cybercrime exploits in augmented, virtual, and mixed reality environments; and data-erasing wiper malware.

This prediction underscores the critical nature of employee cybersecurity awareness and training, which is why Fortinet is giving these topics their own focus in this 2023 Security Awareness and Training Global Research Brief.  The following link highlights some of the top concerns and actions being taken by leaders around the world, based on survey findings from the annual Fortinet Cybersecurity Skills Gap Global Research Report.

Employees can be your weakest point or your most powerful defense.  81% of surveyed organizations faced malware, phishing, and password attacks last year; many of which directly targeted users.

11493417074?profile=RESIZE_400xEmployees lack cyber security awareness even with current training.  56% of leaders believe their employees lack knowledge when it comes to cyber security awareness.

Cybersecurity is a growing priority for corporate boards.  93% of boards of directors are questioning their organizations’ cyber defenses.

Link to full report: ftnt_2023_security_awareness_and_training_brief.pdf

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