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12373112889?profile=RESIZE_400xFollowing fears that Ford’s electric vehicle supply chain may represent a national security issue, concerned legislators are doubling down by outlining the path battery components are required to take vehicles to get here.  Last week, US Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) and Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) accused Ford of having plans that required contracting technology and software firms with close ties to both the Chinese and North Korean governments.  Rep. Gallagher heads up the House Select Committe

12310780081?profile=RESIZE_400xThe reliability and security of the power grid have become increasingly important topics in recent years.  With the dependence on electricity growing and new threats emerging, it is crucial to ensure that our lights stay on, especially for critical infrastructure like the military.  This article explores the risks the power grid faces and the potential consequences if it were compromised.

Research and Reporting:  According to industry experts, the power grid is vulnerable to both physical and cy

9621607089?profile=RESIZE_400xOuter space and cyberspace have something in common, they are both new frontiers for national security.  This confuses what has been traditional ideas of defense strategy, borders, and sovereignty.  These two areas are national critical infrastructure and are essential for any country to be secure and able to defend itself.  This ‘use’ means cyber and space can both be utilized for civilian and military purposes.

As a political and legal concept, sovereignty defines as a country’s authority to c

9524704494?profile=RESIZE_400xThe current US administration unveiled a new package of supply chain and critical infrastructure security initiatives on 25 August 2021.  This following a meeting at the White House with about 25 tech, banking, insurance, and infrastructure executives.   Little did the group know that an inexpensive solution has been available for 3 years:  Wapack Labs LLC - Introduces RedXray: Wapack Labs

The initiatives feature a pledge by several companies, including tech giants Microsoft, Google and IBM and