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12309169499?profile=RESIZE_400xA gang of hackers who targeted the private King Edward VII’s Hospital are threatening to reveal the health data from the Royal Family unless they are paid £300,000 in Bitcoin.  The hospital notably treated Kate, the Princess of Wales and the hackers have claimed they have ‘X-rays, letters from consultants, registration forms, handwritten clinical notes, and pathology forms.’[1]

The gang is referred to as ‘Rhysida,’ which is a venomous tropical centipede, and previously targeted the British Libra

12296261478?profile=RESIZE_400x“We’re open for everyone,” announces a brightly colored sign welcoming visitors to the British Library.  But inside the airy building beside London’s St Pancras Station, not everyone can get what they want.  Not since the library was struck by cyber criminals at the end of last month.  The ransomware attack, carried out by a group known for such activity, has knocked out the website of the UK’s national library.  It has also taken down the WiFi, upon which the crowds who come here to work rely. 

12213840469?profile=RESIZE_400xA criminal ransomware network connected to a cyber-attack inside numerous US hospitals has been taken down by the FBI, according to a US Department of Justice press release.  The attack hit over 200,000 computers across the US and cost hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.  The FBI called it a duck hunt taking down the hacking network called Qakbot.  “Qackbot is one of the most successful persistent and notorious botnets in the globe,” said US Attorney Martin Estrada. “Stopping cybercrime i

12150401871?profile=RESIZE_400xA series of cyberattacks across Texas, including some in the Houston region, are part of a growing statewide and national trend of increasingly sophisticated groups working through computers to steal money and information, according to officials in the FBI. In 2022, for instance, the FBI received more than 21,800 complaints of a cyberattack called a business email compromise scheme, totaling around $2.7 billion in reported losses, said a spokesperson for the FBI's office in Houston. Of that tota