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12436752299?profile=RESIZE_400xA hack that caused a small Texas town’s water system to overflow in January has been linked to a shadowy Russian hacktivist group, the latest case of a US public utility becoming a target of foreign cyberattacks.  The attack was one of three on small towns in the rural Texas Panhandle. Local officials said the public was not put in any danger and the attempts were reported to federal authorities.  “There were 37,000 attempts in four days to log into our firewall,” said Mike Cypert, City Manager

12374286064?profile=RESIZE_400xA Houston woman is going to prison for her role in an elaborate scheme that included hundreds of thousands of fake paper license plates.  Leidy Hernandez Lopez, 43, pleaded guilty to buying and selling fraudulent Texas-issued temporary buyer tags for cars in and outside of Texas.[1]

Earlier this week, a US District Judge ordered Lopez to serve 30 months in federal prison followed by three years of supervised release.  The court also ordered Hernandez Lopez to pay restitution to the Texas Departm

12150401871?profile=RESIZE_400xA series of cyberattacks across Texas, including some in the Houston region, are part of a growing statewide and national trend of increasingly sophisticated groups working through computers to steal money and information, according to officials in the FBI. In 2022, for instance, the FBI received more than 21,800 complaints of a cyberattack called a business email compromise scheme, totaling around $2.7 billion in reported losses, said a spokesperson for the FBI's office in Houston. Of that tota