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12374286064?profile=RESIZE_400xA Houston woman is going to prison for her role in an elaborate scheme that included hundreds of thousands of fake paper license plates.  Leidy Hernandez Lopez, 43, pleaded guilty to buying and selling fraudulent Texas-issued temporary buyer tags for cars in and outside of Texas.[1]

Earlier this week, a US District Judge ordered Lopez to serve 30 months in federal prison followed by three years of supervised release.  The court also ordered Hernandez Lopez to pay restitution to the Texas Departm

9573356268?profile=RESIZE_400xInsider threats are of serious concern for all businesses.  Former or recently terminated employees add a much higher level of risk for theft, destruction, or release of company data.   A former credit union employee is now facing a ten (10) prison sentence after pleading guilty to destroying large amounts of corporate data in revenge for being fired.

This former employee who lives in Brooklyn NY, pleaded guilty in the US Eastern District Court recently, admitting to one count of computer intrus

3796993568?profile=RESIZE_710xA class action lawsuit was filed in California against TikTok, the Chinese social media platform developer, in November 2019.  The lawsuit claimed that the TikTok app was designed to “covertly tap into a massive array of private and personally-identifiable information” and used “non-standard encryption to conceal the transfer of such data from users’ devices to Defendants.”

The 46-page lawsuit text contained details about the data types that TikTok was collecting, including user-generated video