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12346594062?profile=RESIZE_400xRecently, executives from SentinelOne, Protect AI and IBM Consulting provided lawmakers on the cybersecurity and infrastructure protection subcommittee with a laundry list of recommendations to better combat AI threats.  Attacks by malicious hackers using artificial intelligence could swamp smaller companies that are already overwhelmed by cybercrime, experts warned lawmakers during a congressional hearing on 26 December 2023.[1]

Testifying before the House Homeland Security and Governmental Aff

12331830864?profile=RESIZE_400xMeta recently released a new standalone AI image generator.  The tech is based on its Emu image synthesis and the way it all works might surprise you.  Consider this with Meta AI already built into the Meta apps like Messenger and Instagram.  It is now available in a browser window and is quite impressive.  The only catch is that users are the ones supplying the source images.[1]

Meta scrapes all of our social media feeds to the tune of about one billion images, according to Ars Technica.  The A

12296625485?profile=RESIZE_400xArkose Labs has analyzed and reported on tens of billions of bot attacks from January through September 2023, collected via the Arkose Labs Global Intelligence Network. Bots are automated processes acting out over the internet. Some perform useful purposes, such as indexing the internet, but most are Bad Bots designed for malicious ends. Bad Bots are increasing dramatically, and Arkose estimates that 73% of all internet traffic currently (Q3, 2023) comprises Bad Bots a

12294379291?profile=RESIZE_400xThe recent increase of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be a game-changer in many positive ways, even though we are still on the edge of its vast potential.  New and previously unimaginable medical treatments, safer, cleaner and more integrated public transport, more rapid and accurate diagnoses, and environmental breakthroughs are all within the credible promise of AI today.

Both China and Russia have made no secret of their desire to “Win the AI race” with current and pledged investme

12286193265?profile=RESIZE_400xA new tool allows artists to add invisible changes to the pixels in their art before they upload it online so that if it is scraped into an AI training set, it can cause the resulting model to break in chaotic and unpredictable ways.  The tool, called Nightshade, is intended to fight against AI companies that use artists’ work to train their models without the creator’s permission.  Using it to “poison” this training data could damage future iterations of image-generating AI models, such as DALL

12283097494?profile=RESIZE_400xAindrea Campbell knows more than most about high-tech production.  In her previous role, she was senior director of iPad operations at Apple, helping to run the sophisticated assembly lines in China that produce tens of millions of tablet computers each year.  As chief operating officer of Agility Robotics, Campbell will oversee the production of pioneering products in the US.  In September, the company announced that its 70,000 sq ft RoboFab, the “world’s first factory” for building humanlike r

12271517692?profile=RESIZE_400xSince the introduction of ChatGPT, the media and security experts have warned that phishing tactic are now more powerful, compelling and increasing in numbers. IBM’s X-Force Red wanted an objective assessment on this subjective assumption.  The method chosen was to test an AI-generated phishing email and a human generated email against employees working for a healthcare firm. Sixteen hundred staff members were selected: 800 received the AI phish, while the other 800 received the human phish.[1]

12258197096?profile=RESIZE_400xRecently a user on the social media platform X devised and successfully executed a plan that caused Bing Chat to solve a CAPTCHA filter.  CAPTCHA filters are visual puzzles that are easily solved by humans but difficult for automated programs.  This is to prevent applications like bots from filling out forms on the Internet.  Bing Chat is a public large-language model (LLM), similar to ChatGPT but hosted by Microsoft, which Denis Shiryaev, CEO of  was feeding a CA

12254325890?profile=RESIZE_400xDo oil and gas tankers have a use for artificial intelligence (AI)?  That is the question Rigzone posed to maritime risk intelligence company Dryad Global, who in turn outlined a range of ways these tankers can utilize the technology.  Data mining was one use case Dryad highlighted in its response.  “Throughout a tanker’s journey, they create and receive a continuous stream of data,” a company spokesperson told Rigzone.  “People are limited in their abilities to process and sort it. AI mines rea

12239461088?profile=RESIZE_400xEvery month, I feel as if ChatGPT is bringing us closer to the life we watched on The Jetsons.   The Jetsons is an American animated sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions.  It aired on ABC in prime time from September 23, 1962, to March 17, 1963.  Don’t get me started on smart lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners. 

ChatGPT can perform many technical tasks, such as writing, coding, and researching. Much hype surrounding the chatbot has been on its ability to revolutionize the workspace.  However

12239035273?profile=RESIZE_400xMalicious ADs served inside Microsoft Bing's artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot are being used to distribute malware when searching for popular tools.  The findings come from researchers, who revealed that unsuspecting users can be tricked into visiting booby-trapped sites and installing malware directly from Bing Chat conversations.

Introduced by Microsoft in February 2023, Bing Chat is an interactive search experience that's powered by OpenAI's large language model called GPT-4.  A month lat

12238277289?profile=RESIZE_400xThe US Democratic-backed AI Accountability Act of 2023 gives the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) new authority and a new office to regulate how AI algorithms make critical decisions on housing, healthcare.  Democrats in the House and Senate are teaming up on legislation to give the federal government new authority to regulate artificial intelligence in “high-impact” use scenarios.


The Algorithmic Accountability Act of 2023, int

12229154274?profile=RESIZE_400xEmerging technology in the maritime arena is being used for tracking emissions, avoiding collisions and route planning, but lawyers are circling the technology, a recent seminar reported.  The rapid expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) faces major stumbling blocks in shipping, where more than 80% of large vessels barely have enough communications capacity to send an email, a seminar heard on 19 September.

The use of problem-solving AI has the potential to cut costs in the coming decades, bu

12227236860?profile=RESIZE_400xAs a child, reading comic books (not buying them) at our neighborhood Rexall drug store, I dreamed of becoming a comic book artist, but I lacked one important skill: the ability to draw pictures other than stick figures.  Now, 60 years later AI can fulfill my dreams of having my comic books and characters.  Available as a space through Hugging Factory, the AI Comic Factory will design comic book pages for you based on your descriptions.

Describe your scenario, choose a style, and then select a l

12215117476?profile=RESIZE_400xThe UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) issued a warning this week about the growing danger of “prompt injection” attacks against applications built using AI.  While the warning is meant for cybersecurity professionals building large language models (LLMs) and other AI tools, prompt injection is worth understanding if you use any kind of AI tool, as attacks using it are likely to be a major category of security vulnerabilities going forward.

Prompt injection is a kind of attack against LL

12187442288?profile=RESIZE_400xNo, the current US presidential administration has not created a game show, but it has launched a competition offering millions of dollars in prize money for creating new artificial intelligence systems that can defend critical software from hackers.  Competitors vying for some of the $18.5 million in prize money will need to design novel AI systems that quickly find and fix software vulnerabilities in electric grids, subways or other key networks that could be exploited by hackers, a Biden admi

12176570270?profile=RESIZE_180x180The White House is bringing in AI’s top seven companies to make voluntary promises (really, we can trust them) to protect users.  The companies Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Inflection, Meta, Microsoft, and OpenAI have all agreed to a series of asks from the White House to address many of the risks posed by artificial intelligence.vvThe promises consist of investments in cybersecurity, discrimination research, and a new watermarking system informing users when content is AI-generated.  What else wi

12163774693?profile=RESIZE_400xA trio of influential artificial intelligence leaders testified at a congressional hearing on 25 July 2023, warning that the frantic pace of AI development could lead to serious harms within the next few years, such as rogue states or terrorists using the tech to create bioweapons.


Yoshua Bengio, an AI professor at the University of Montreal who is known as one of the fathers of modern AI science, said the United States should push fo

12157886061?profile=RESIZE_400xIn 2019, a video surfaced of then - US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that appeared to show her in an impaired condition.  The video was a deepfake featuring footage modified to make the Speaker seem intoxicated or unwell.  Yet despite its inauthenticity, the video went viral and received millions of views on social media.  Today, many users remain unable to tell the difference between deepfakes and legitimate media.

What Are Deepfakes?  Deepfakes are synthetic videos, images, or audio record

12157626870?profile=RESIZE_400xBuying a house these days is almost insurmountable.  Who can afford to pay cash for a decent house, or even the minimum downpayment?  That’s where lenders come in.  Banks and finance companies have been doing this for years.  But now there is an elephant in the room, called AI.  The top US bank regulator is warning that lenders need to ensure that artificial intelligence tools don't perpetuate biases and discrimination in credit decisions.[1]

Federal Reserve Vice Chair for Supervision Michael Ba