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10795909853?profile=RESIZE_400xA victim of a ransomware attack paid to restore access to their network, but the cybercriminals did not hold up their end of the deal.  The real-life incident, as detailed by cybersecurity researchers at Barracuda Networks, occurred in August 2021, when hackers from the BlackMatter ransomware group used a phishing email to compromise a single victim's account at an undisclosed company.  First seen in July 2021, BlackMatter is a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) tool that allows the ransomware's dev

8705369052?profile=RESIZE_400xFinally, you both deserve and earned that vacation trip to the Bahamas.  “I have loads of frequent flyer miles I have use and get there on the cheap.”  Or so you thought.  The cyberattack on SITA, a commonly used airline service provider, has compromised frequent-flyer data across many airline carriers.  SITA is a multinational information technology company providing IT and telecommunication services to the air transport industry.  The company provides its services to around 400 members and 2,8

8679696095?profile=RESIZE_400xBirds of a Feather, Flock together.  An old, yet very true saying.  Cybercriminals are stealing a staggering volume of data and money from companies around the world. The damage from cyber-attacks costs businesses US$400 billion a year.  This has become a huge criminal enterprise and operators include state sponsored groups, such as Russia, China and North Korea.

Cybercrime groups have become more organized and specialized in the past few years.  Gone are the days of single actors placing malwar

8300254463?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Dark Web is a place in cyberspace where criminals and other bad actors share stolen credentials and discuss successful attacks.  Fake COVID-19 cures, counterfeit travel documents, and scam call services are amongst the services being traded on the Dark Web. Cybercriminals continually search for new ways of exploiting the 2020 health crisis. Sensitive information often ends up for sale on the black market on the Dark Web, compromising the security of businesses and their employees.