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10893599672?profile=RESIZE_400xWith women’s rights at issue, hackers have disrupted the works of Iran’s Fars news agency, one of the main sources of news disseminated by the state during protests over Mahsa Amini's death, the agency reported.  Iran has been shaken by numerous in country and international protests since Amini’s death while in custody on 16 September after her arrest for an alleged breach of the country's dress code for women.  Iran’s first protests focused on the state-mandated hijab, or headscarf, for women,

10861060279?profile=RESIZE_400xThe FBI released an alert last week warning of hack-and-leak operations targeting organizations in the US and Israel by a group based in Iran.  The alert centers on Emennet Pasargad, an Iranian company US law enforcement agencies have previously spotlighted for its role in efforts to interfere with the 2020 US presidential election.  Last week, the FBI said the company, which has changed its name several times to avoid sanctions, has targeted entities in Israel since 2020 with attacks that invol

10739235682?profile=RESIZE_400xIsraeli media sources are reporting a cyber-attack on 30 June at Sapir College.  Students at Sapir College near the southern city of Sderot had received text messages stating that their personal information was being held for ransom by hackers.  “Last night at around 9:00 p.m., local time some seniors and graduates of Sapir College received a text message about their account being hacked. We would like to clarify and reassure you: that the hacking of the college’s network is being handled by the

9712251854?profile=RESIZE_400xSeveral cyber-attacks were prevented by Israel’s Health Ministry’s Cyber Security Center over this past weekend, the Health Ministry reported on 17 October.  Some 627 cyberattacks per organization were observed in Israel’s health sector – 72% more than the average on previous weekends, Check Point said.  These attacks are more than in any other sector, where there was an average of 267 attacks per organization and no significant increase, the cyber security firm noted.[1]

Barzilai Medical Center

9154908077?profile=RESIZE_400xA pro-Palestinian Malaysian hacker group known as "DragonForce" claimed that it hacked into AcadeME last week, stating "THE LARGEST AND MOST ADVANCED STUDENT AND GRADUATE RECRUITMENT NETWORK IN ISRAEL Hacked By DragonForce Malaysia" in a Telegram message on 20 June.  The group claimed that they leaked emails, passwords, first and last names, addresses and even phone numbers of students who were registered on AcadeME. DragonForce attacked screenshots of code, server addresses and a table includin

8959865492?profile=RESIZE_400xIranian hackers have reportedly hit multiple Israeli companies with ransomware, in a new campaign of attacks.  A group describing itself as 'N3tw0rm' (Networm) recently added the logo of H&M Israel to their naming and shaming website, just three days after another local firm, Veritas Logistics, was hit.

It is suspected that Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was behind a ransomware campaign that used a contracting company called "Emen Net Pasargard," or ENP, to target over a dozen organiza